Win Cash for Your College Savings Florida 529 Plan!

As many of you may know I am now 2 down and 2 to go. That’s parent speak for 2 our of my 4 kids have graduated high school. Woohoo!! Having your child graduate is one of life’s greatest joys I have to say. The emotions of that accomplishment are so overwhelming. I couldn’t be […]

Spring Cleaning Got You Down? Goodwill Can Help!

Are you struggling with spring cleaning? I know it can get overwhelming trust me. Well Goodwill can help get you through this yearly cleaning event and the best part is you can help those in your community too! Have you personally seen a family member, friend or acquaintance struggle in this economy? Maybe they have […]

Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

As a mom of 4 and all of them now in the preteen/teen years I can tell you I struggle every day with the typical teenage issues. One of those issues is being buckled up and wear they sit in the car. (Oh My GOSH every day is a fight over the front seat. Moms […]

Choosing the Right Car Seat

One of the things that upsets me more then anything is when I am driving and see a child either not in the right care seat or not in a car seat at all.  Growing up my mother was a paramedic so I heard many stories of children with serious injuries do to not be […]

Facts About Autism & #LightItUpBlue

Understanding & Acceptance of Autism There is no secret that I LOVE my nephew Ethan to pieces. I love that he looks forward to seeing me when I visit and he calls me “Aunt TT”. It is also no secret that he has Autism. So since April is World Autism Month, I’ve decided to #LightItUpBlue […]

Bacon Shamrocks Recipe

So St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th. It happens to be my original due date for my second son Gabe. Well since I made Bacon Hearts for Valentine’s Day I thought I would see if I could make bacon Shamrocks. I think they turned out ubber cute. I only stuck them in this carrot cupcake […]