It\'s NEVER a #VeryBadDayEvent with Steve Carell & Jennifer Garner or Is it?

One of the biggest highlights of my Disney Press junket was getting to meet Steve Carell & Jennifer Garner. To be in the same room with these two was so amazing. I have been a LONG LONG LONG time fan of them both. Steve Carell is such a fantastic comedic actor. How he can keep […]

Kick Off National Fire Prevention Week with Planes: Fire and Rescue

During my Disney Press Trip we got the chance to visit Van Nuys Tanker Base. The reason for our visit was to learn more about what  went into the making of Planes: Fire and Rescue. You see Assistant Fire Chief, Steve Martin played a HUGE part in the research and the accuracy of Planes: Fire and […]

At Home With Walt Disney #DisneyInHomeEvent

During my world wind Disney Press Trip last week we got to experience something few ever have. We got a grand tour of Walt Disney’s home on Woking Way in the Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood. From the moment we walked up to this house it felt magical. I can’t explain how but it did. […]

Jennifer Garner, Steve Carell, and Disneyland Oh My! #VeryBadDayEvent

I have a sneak peek of my itinerary in hand for my trip to LA. Man oh Man! Shut the Front Door!! My 5 days in LA are going to be mind-blowing, exciting, and FUN!! As I told you in my Headed to LA post we will be interviewing the stars of Alexander and the […]

Headed to LA for the #VeryBadDayEvent

Picture it. It’s 6am your alarm go off. You hit the snooze button and grab your phone. You lay in bed trying to muster the desire to get up and wake the kids and start the day. You go to check your email and notice an email from the Disney Rep that came in the […]

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Sneak Peak Trailer

  Have you heard about Disney’s new film Big Hero 6 coming November 7th to theater?? Oh my goodness it looks so good.  They haven’t released too many detail about the movie accept for this trailer. Check it out below!!