Busch Gardens Tampa ~ Affordable Family Fun

 Kids here in Florida only have a week or so left of school. While the kids are excited and the parents are ready for a break from the get everyone out the door to school routine the fact is boredom will set in after a week or so. One of the things I try to […]

Reconnect With Your Kids This Summer at the Sun-N-Fun Carefree RV Resort

School is out for summer and my kids couldn’t be happier. They love swimming, biking, going to the beach, theme parks and jumping on the trampoline. These activities are a staple for us thanks to living in Florida. Recently my husband and I have been super busy with his business and haven’t been able to […]

The Bacon Article of Your Dreams

If you know me you know that my favorite hashtag is #BaconIsLove. To me Bacon is one of those things that makes everything better.   I recently became aware of the America Love Bacon Festival Tour and could hardly contain myself when I was asked to cover this event on my blog. The thought of […]

At Home With Walt Disney #DisneyInHomeEvent

During my world wind Disney Press Trip last week we got to experience something few ever have. We got a grand tour of Walt Disney’s home on Woking Way in the Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood. From the moment we walked up to this house it felt magical. I can’t explain how but it did. […]

Headed to LA for the #VeryBadDayEvent

Picture it. It’s 6am your alarm go off. You hit the snooze button and grab your phone. You lay in bed trying to muster the desire to get up and wake the kids and start the day. You go to check your email and notice an email from the Disney Rep that came in the […]

Toys and Wrestlers and Bloggers..Oh My!! Blogger Bash NYC!!

Blogger Bash NYC/Sweet Suite 2014 In just a few short hours I will boarding a plane to NYC. It’s will HUGE Thanks to Rooibee Red Tea company that I will be attending Blogger Bash as a Rooibee Roo Ambassador. For 2 days I will be rubbing elbows and chatting up a storm with some the biggest […]