About Me

Teresa Foskey

Hi There!!

My name is Teresa. I am a 39 yr old Wife and Mommy to 4. My husband Scott is the love of my life. We have been married for almost 18 years. Our Kids are Ty (aspiring rock star) 23, Gabe (resident video game expert) 17, Abbie (Daddy’s princess) 13, and Emmaleigh (Mommy’s snuggle buddy & family court jester) 11.
With laundry ever multiplying, kids always needing one thing or another, extended family problem solving, bills that always need to be paid and not getting enough sleep some how I seem to be…Making it All Work!

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and am extremely passionate about helping others. I like to share important tips and tricks of parenting (and life) that I have learned along the way that make the journey a little easier. I also LOVE sharing reviews about family friendly products and places we visit during our travels so parents know what they are getting when they spend their hard earned money.

Above all I love spending time with my family & creating memories. Life is full of ups and downs but memories are what last a lifetime. And as I go along on my journey of parenting I try to always remember and remind others that… Parenting isn’t about Perfection, it’s about being Present!