#Blogher12 Cupcakes a Bitter Sweet Plan!

So cupcakes for #Blogher was a success and a disaster all at the same time. First and foremost I have to thank each and everyone who ordered cupcakes from me. You all rock. Now in planning to make them I thought I had a good handle on the planning and getting it all done. However I did not take into account that I would be baking in a gas oven, that my foot would be broken and that taking the pain medicine to stop the pain would make me sick. Sounds sooo awesome doesn’t it.
After going to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make the cupcakes I get back to the house and begin to bake. However I burnt the first batch because I didn’t realize that the oven was gas. Not that big of a deal but that set me back just a little. Then around 11:30 when envy one came back we decided to go to the cafe to get something to eat and while running around the car to get in I rammed my foot into the barrier of the driveway and broke my 2 toes. Totally awesome!! And if that was’t bad enough while trying to decorate some cupcakes about and hour or so later I rammed my foot into a toy under the table which brought me to tears. It was about 3am’ish and I was sooo over it. Went to bed got up at 6ish, foot pounding with pain so bad I could barely keep it together so I decided to take some medicine for the pain which within a 15 minute period made me feel like I had the worst case of morning sickness ever to exist. At this point we were already running late and I felt like total shit. Not only had I not finished all the cupcakes but I had now proceeded to make everyone late and miss their early morning parties. At this point I rally wanted to just go home. But I didn’t. I am one of those people who truly hate to let people down. If I make a promise I will do everything in my power to keep it. Finally Thursday night they were finished. Friday when we get to the Hilton to deliver them another bump in the road happened. I thought, per the front desk that I had called before hand, that I could leave the cupcakes with the front desk since they we nice and labeled but as soon as they saw that I was their for Blogher they told me no that I had to take them to the Blogher booth on the 2nd floor. Fine whatever but how and I suppose to get 204 cupcakes upstairs by myself. When I ask to borrow a luggage rack they said it was gonna cost $15 bucks. Not happening. Thankfully I got help from a fellow Blogher whose name escapes me right now on the plane but I will thank her after I get some sleep. The BlogHer registration people were great and let me leave them there but I still stressed all day whether people got their order or not. All in all the idea was good in theory but what I thought was a well thought out plan did not come together like I wish it had. Again I want to thank everyone that ordered the cupcakes and thank you for being patient and understanding about my broken foot you all were AMAZING!! <3

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