Back to School with a Cheap Wireless Plan


Walmart Family Mobile Best Wireless #shop #FamilyMobileSaves

As a stay home mom, I just have to say I am pretty excited that all the kids are back to school. However, not long after school started by daughter decided to join the choir. This means she will be staying after school and have to be picked up when my husband gets home. This kind of scares me. I don’t mind her doing choir, I just don’t like her not having a cell phone to call in emergencies or if she needs to be picked up early. Since we can’t add another line to our current plan right now, we had to search for a cheap wireless plan and phone.

We have had our current wireless plan for over 10 years but it can be kind of pricey compared to others. Not to mention the thought of signing up for another plan under my name with a contract and high monthly payments just doesn’t make sense. Because this will be our daughters’ first phone we thought a no contract phone would be the way to go.

Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plan Options #Shop #FamilyMobileSaves
We decided to head to the Walmart electronics department since they offer all types of phone options and services. We quickly decided to go with Walmart Family Mobile. They had many different phones to choose from at a reasonable price but what really clinched the deal for me was the no contract wireless plan that was only $29.88. This was an unlimited plan for talk and text. We chose not to do unlimited web because of her age. This is a personal preference so you can choose which plan best fits you.

Walmart Family Mobile Family Controls #shop #FamilyMobileSaves
I also LOVE the Family Controls feature. This feature allows me to have complete control over when she uses this phone and how long she can be on it. Since she is still young I like being able to control these features. I especially love that I get email alerts when the limits I choose have been reached for the day. I never even realized that you could have such control over cell phones.

Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobileSaves #shop

I now feel much better with her starting choir next week knowing she can call if she needs to. This is just one of the many back to school items I didn’t foresee needing to buy but safety is very important. You can also check out the Live SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine for other great back to school brands that you may or may not have thought of when you began back to school shopping.


  1. Wow, this is WAY cheaper than what we pay!

  2. Such a great plan! Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

  3. I can’t wait till my plan is up to switch over to the family plan at Walmart! And I’m so happy your daughter decided to join choir, I hope she has a blast!

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