Grilling Season is Not Just For Meat!!

One of my favorite things growing up was grilling. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which happens to be the home of Perdue chicken. To say that I ate grilled chicken a lot is an understatement. Honestly, though chicken is my all time favorite food. You can cook it so many ways I swear you could do a different recipe for a whole year and not have the same flavor twice.
Now that I live in Florida I get the privilege of grilling most of the year, which makes me one happy girl. Sadly though it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the yumminess that is grilled fruit. I actually just started doing it last year but let me tell ya it is FABULOUS! Grilling the fruit brings out the natural sugars and caramelizes them to a scrumptious perfection that is heavenly. If you have never tried it before well you don’t know what you are missing and we have to fix that!! Right now Del Monte in celebration of the beginning of the grilling season has a coupon on their Facebook page for $.50 off a can of fruit. So go check out their Facebook page, grab a coupon, and get to the store. Offer ends July 15!!

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