5 Gorgeous Ballerina Fashion Trends That Went Mainstream

Ballerina fashion

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone that ballerina fashion is all the rage right now. This trend has been growing in popularity for a while and it really started to take off toward the end of 2016.Tutus of multiple lengths and layers, ankle wraps on shoes, and tightly done chignons are just some of the popular styles pirouetting their way through the fashion world right now.Some other popular fashion developments include pairing: bodysuits with full skirts, asymmetrical skirts and retro hoodies, and skinny shrugs with tutus to name just a few of today’s favorites.The ballet clothing trend is definitely on the rise.

Do you hope to sashay in style wearing ballerina chic?

Join us as we take a look at seven trends in ballerina fashion that found their way to the mainstream.

Halterneck Leotard

This leotard is one of the hottest fashions currently taking the world by storm.
Everybody seems to love it for its ability to make them look slimmer. And who wouldn’t want to look sexy and slim! It’s completely flattering to say the least.
The halterneck tie is absolutely perfect because it’s adjustable. This is great because you can use it to adjust it so that it’s the perfect fit. It will flawlessly frame your shoulders and back and make it look beautiful.

And if you’re wondering, this gorgeous piece by Ballet Beauty is available at many wonderful online retailers.

Ballet Block Heel Booties

Block heel booties are another amazing ballet trend to shock the fashion world.
Why are block heel ballet booties so popular right now?
Well, imagine wearing a comfortable ballet shoe. Your feet feel really good just thinking about it, right? Now here comes the good part!
Add a 2.5 inch cover block heel to the mix. You get the greatest levels of comfort in a ballet shoe while wearing gorgeous heels at the same time. Finally, add an ankle wrap to give it extra sex appeal.
Like Just For Kix likes to remind us, “Trend forward in only the best dance brands!”


Ballerina Headbands
We are very happy to let you know that ballerina headbands are back in style.
And after looking at some of the hottest options available online, we have to wonder why this beautiful fashion trend ever fell out of favor.

My personal favorite thing about ballerina headbands is that when you wear them they never leave a crease in your hair. For me, this added benefit is just the icing on the cake and it makes me so happy that they have found their way back on the frontlines of the fashion world.

Tulle Skirts

Tulle skirts made a comeback this year as well.
Women seem to really like to wear them when they are looking for a skirt that is shapelier and fluffed out.To help you get a better idea, the skirts are actually made with the same fabric that is used to make bridal veils, gowns, skirts, scarves and tutus. Plus, a number of other great materials are also used to make them including silk, nylon, and cotton to name a few.
If you’re looking to really change up your style this year, then you definitely can’t go wrong with the shapely tulle skirt.

It’s going to look great on you! And it’s one of my favorite ballerina style fashion trends.

French Cut Ballerina Tops

Finally, our last exciting ballerina trend is all about French cut ballerina tops.
With a flared ruffle bottom and an empire waist, these gorgeous tops are often made of 100% cotton on the outside and then they have a 100% silk lining on the inside.
You can’t go wrong with any of these dazzling ballerina trends.

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