This Holiday Season, Think About Your Own Future (Retirement) and Not Just Your Children!

As a mom of 4 and all of them now in the preteen/teen years I can tell you that we have invested countless hours, an abundant amount of energy, and of course, loads of money, into our kids. But one thing you will generally here from every parent who can relate to all of the above – I wouldn’t change it for a thing! Recently, we have been focused on different ways to pay for college. With 4 children, you can imagine how stressful it is to imagine the amount of money needed to send them all to college. And, with all of this going on, it is easy to get so wrapped up in our lives, in the lives of our children and even in other friends and family that we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves. It can be the simplest thing like buying ourselves a new pair of socks to very big and important things like saving for retirement.

AARP Retirement Tools

Someday all 4 of my children will be grown and out of the house. And although that really seems like I have plenty of time, I know that it will sneak up behind me before I am ready for it! With that in mind, even with as busy as I am, it is really important for me to take the time to plan for a solid future and retirement.

So, this year I’m taking a couple minutes for myself to visit for personalized, simple tips to make sure I’m on track with my retirement savings.

Avo, the friendly digital retirement coach, is pretty adorable. I think that helps people to feel more comfortable about tackling retirement right out of the gate. It can be such an intimidating subject, so something like an adorable little avatar to help is important.

AARP Avo Retirement App

I was grateful to walk through the steps and see a few different places where we can adjust our retirement savings with very minimal time and effort. This, as you well know, is important when we are so busy! It’s not surprising that our family is one of many doing this financial juggling act.  Many Americans have almost no retirements savings, nearly half in fact! But it’s not too late to get started!

According to a recent survey from AARP and the Ad Council, more than half of people in their 40s and 50s say that feeling more confident about saving for retirement would help them feel less stressed (54%). And 46% would be happier knowing they are taking care of their family’s future. I know I feel better after chatting with Avo at

Here are a few tips to consider to help you maximize your retirement savings:

While gathered with your family for the holidays, discuss your savings plans and long-term retirement goals, and what you can do today to achieve them. It’s important for everyone in the family to be on the same page about your financial goals and priorities.
Start planning now what age you plan to retire and when you plan to start taking your Social Security benefits. Earning a few more years of income could really help you grow your nest egg, and delaying when you start collecting Social Security increases your annual benefit.
If your employer offers matching funds for your retirement savings plan, make sure you’re contributing at least enough to get the full employer match.
Brainstorm ideas for earning money in retirement, such as turning a hobby into a source of income, or taking on seasonal part-time work
Visit to get your personalized action plan in just three minutes. Your digital retirement coach, Avo℠, will reveal the top three simple, practical things you can do right now to make sure your retirement plan is on track.

We work hard for our kids and our family – and now we are working hard for our own future as well. What will you be doing to help ensure your own future?

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