Blogger Bash 2014 – Sweet Suite

Blogger Bash 2014 Sweet Suite

So last week I shared with you all about the Blogger Bash VIP Experience! This week I am going to share with you all about Sweet Suite and the Elements Associates Event. I have to fore warn you though there was sooooo much awesomeness that the post will be long, picture heavy, and sadly I won’t be able to share everything or the posts will be more like epic novels! LOL Also many of the photos I will be sharing though out the posts are from Janice Croze from 5 Minutes for Mom who was the official Blogger Bash photographer and did an AMAZING Job. I took tons of photos but I’ll have to admit hers are tons better! LOL Are you ready to experience #SweetSuite14 ??? Here we go!!  

Blogger Bash ~ Sweet Suite 2014

First and for most I have to tell you that Sweet Suite is a partnership between Blogger Bash and The Big Toy Book. I went last year in Chicago and it was fabulous but this year was PHENOMENAL!! Seriously there was over 200 brands who all had actually brand representatives present. That to me just blew me away. I have been to other conferences and events where brand/PR had hired people to man the booths for the event. As a blogger looking to build relationships with brands being told, ” Oh I don’t work with the company but I will take your card and someone will be in touch!”, is not only aggravating but is most of the time, a total waste of time. I want to actually talk to a marketing or social media manager of the brand so that we can get to know each other and learn how best we can work together. At Blogger Bash I was able to do just that! To me that is PRICELESS!!  Now on to the fun!

Rooibee Red Tea ~ Rooibee Roo


The first brand I have to talk about is Rooibee Red Tea.  As I mentioned in my Headed to Blogger Bash post I was the winner of the #RooibeeRoo instagram contest and was the Rooibee Roo Ambassador for Blogger Bash. Now I know you may think I am mentioning them just because I won but honestly my whole family love the Rooibee Red Tea brand. I absolutely love the Watermelon Mint Tea (which reminds me I need to run to the store LOL) and my kids ask for the Rooibee Roo in Cherry all the time. I actually had to have Whole Food order me a case. Not only do we love to drink Rooibee Red Tea but it is good for you. Trust me once you and your family try it you will be hooked!

Janice Croze from for Blogger Bash

Janice Croze for Blogger Bash

One of the coolest gadgets that I saw at Sweet Suite was from LeapFrog! They are coming out with Leap Band. If you are on social media chances are you know someone with a Polar Watch, Fitbit, or some other brand of fitness gadget. The thing is that there really are not many at all for kids. This one from LeapFrog is for ages 4-7 and allows them to unlock games and other fun things by doing physical activity. I loved them because it is never to early to teach kids the importance of being healthy and getting outside. I truly believe this will be on the Hot Toy list this year for Christmas.

Image Credit: Janice Croze from for Blogger Bash

Image Credit: Janice Croze for Blogger Bash

This next brand Fashion Angels is a brand that my girls have loved for a while. My girls have own many of their kits and loved playing with them especially the Fashion Flip Folio. They are now coming out with a It’s My Biz line. This new line is all about helping your daughter to become their own business owner. As far as we have come as women in society there is still a HUGE gap between men and women business owners, CEO’s and company presidents. This new line from Fashion Angels look to change that. They will be launching 4 kits that include : Nail Salon, T-shirt design, Bead Boutique, and Cupcake Shop. My favorite however is the stand alone kit called Girl Entrepreneur. The kits include EVERYTHING that a girls needs to run her own business..whatever that may be. I love that it allows girls to use the kit for any company or products that they may already be using. The possibilities are endless. I can tell you that both of my girls will be getting this for Christmas! 😉 (Just don’t spill the beans to them! )

Sweet Suite Fat Brain Toys Bananagrams

If you have family game night at your house then I have 2 games you HAVE to get. The first is my new favorite game called Smarty Blocks from Fat Brain Toys. This game is played with 10 blocks and a stack of cards. On each card is a puzzle you have to solve with the blocks. You have 1 minute to see how many puzzles you can get right. The one with the most right win!! BTW, Do you see in the picture that I was the WINNER!!!!!! Totally obsessed with this game!! My husband thinks he can be me..I think not! LOL Check out their website they have TONS and TONS of great games for toddler through adult.

The next game is Bananagrams. If you don’t already have this game you need to run out and buy it. It’s not only fun but educational. If you are trying to help your child learn to read this game is perfect. Older kids and adults have a blast playing it as well. I love that it is portable and perfect to take on vacation or to friends houses.

Suite Suite Just Pretend Kids Elsa Costume

In case you didn’t know Halloween is just a little over 13 weeks away and Elsa from Frozen is going to be the must have costume of the season I can tell ya!!! Just Pretend Kids has a GORGEOUS Elsa costume you have to get if your daughter is a Frozen Fanatic! These costumes are beautifully made and are made to last. They are not available just yet but I will update this post when I find out when they will be available for order.

Sweet Suite Kurio Kids Smartphone

Who’s ready for back to school??? *waving hands in the air like crazy* This year I embark on a new journey. That journey is have 3 kids in 3 different schools. I will have my youngest in Elementary School (5th grade), my next oldest in Middle School (6th grade), and my oldest (Oldest at home) will be in High School (10th grade). Anyone who really knows me, knows I am NOT a fan of kids having cell phones in elementary school. Now that my oldest daughter Abbie is headed to Middle School she has been begging to get a cellphone. I don’t think she needs a phone like mine (Samsung Galaxy S5) but she doesn’t like any of the other phones for kids either. Enter Kurio! Their Smartphone for kids looks like a regular smartphone which kids love but has TONS of parental controls that parents like me want. The best part is it comes unlocked and can be added to any plan you currently have. Definitely going to take Abbie to check this one out before school starts.

Sweet Suite Goldie Blox

One of the last brands I want to highlight in this post is GoldieBlox. If you know me in person then you know there is nothing I can’t do or fix. Growing up I was always out fixing cars with my Dad or helping build something. I always say I was the son my Dad wish he had even though he has one. LOL (My brother is a kid of the 90’s when technology first hit so he is more into computers and gaming). I am usually the first one to be called to fix something with a car or fix something that breaks around the house. I always say “If I can google it. I can fix it.” That and the fact I really hate paying someone to do something I know I can do. But anywho back to GoldieBlox. Their mission is to get girls building. Think about all the shows and cartoons on TV about building or fixing things. Name 1 that has a girl as the lead builder/fixer?? (It’s ok. I can wait ………..) Times Up!! You can’t name 1 because there isn’t one!! How sad is that?? Seriously I can’t help but shake my head at this! I don’t want my girls to grow up thinking and believe that they have to rely on someone else to fix something for them. I want them to be problem solvers. I want them to dream big. I want them to believe in themselves. I want them to not be afraid to get dirty. That is what GoldieBlox is all about. Through books and construction sets they get girls thinking and building. I love some of their saying like “More than just a Princess”! and because you all know I love quotes here is one from the founder which I intend to get framed ” There’s nothing wrong with being a princess, we just think girls can build their own castles too.” ~ Debbie Sterling, Founder, GoldieBlox. When my girls are adults I want them to say “Why do I need to call someone for help. By the time they get here I can have it fixed myself.”

There were sooooo many great brands at Sweet Suite, like: Creativity for Kids, Lego, Crayola, Hexbug, Vtech, Fisher Price, Boogie Board, KidzBop,  that there is no way I could get them all in 1 post. So keep coming back to see new posts about some of these amazing brands.

Sweet Suite Blogger Bash Friends

For those that think that Blogger events like Blogger Bash & Sweet Suite is all about Swag or partying it up I just have to say, YOU ARE WRONG! For me personally it is about connecting with brands, nurturing old friendships and creating new ones! The collage above shows pics of friends I have known online for a long time and others who I have just met. Each one is unique, funny, genuine, and most importantly irreplaceable. I am so blessed to call them friends and wish I got to see them more often. So to Snoopy, Joey, Heather, Anne, Jennifer, Jilly, Anne, Tonia and Jenn: You are all amazing and It was so great to see you!!! Can’t wait until we meet again!

So as you can see Sweet Suite was AMAZING! So many great brands and products to see. If you can go next year I HIGHLY recommend you go! I can’t imagine how they will top this years event but one thing is for sure. I will definitely be there!!

P.S. A huge box of Sweet Suite goodies just arrived at my door. Make sure you come back and check the blog in the coming weeks for some FANTASTIC giveaways from some of the Sweet Suite Brands! 🙂


  1. It was so great to meet you finally too! I agree! Events like this are all about forming relationships!

    • They really are. Those that focus on building relationships are the one who become successful with their work and their life in general. 🙂 Can’t wait until we get to meet again! 🙂

  2. It was wonderful finally meeting you in person and getting to spend a bit of time together!! The event was so much fun!

    • I am so glad we had a chance to meet. We did have a great time but man time just flew by. Hopefully next time you can bring Avery!! 🙂

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