Blogger Bash 2014 – VIP Experience

Blogger Bash 2014

Wow what a week it has been. Some good, Some bad, Some AMAZING! Let’s talk about the Amazing. In my last post I told you I was headed to Blogger Bash in NYC. Well I went, I saw, and I was BLOWN AWAY!! Huge Huge HUGE KUDOS to Joey Fortman, Stephanie GloverCharlene DeLoachLaurie SchachtMarissa DiBartolo, Ali Mierzejewski and the rest of the Blogger Bash Team! You all knocked this event .. OUT OF THE PARK!!! I know I won’t be able to fully convey all of the awesomeness in one post so I will be doing a few. LOL In this post I am going to share all about the Blogger Bash VIP Experience. Are you ready??

Blogger Bash VIP Experience

Deborah Mitchell


On Thursday morning was the kick of the VIP Experience where we heard from Deborah Mitchell. First I have to say this picture does not do her justice. She is gorgeous with a smile that makes you feel like you can do anything. What she taught us was the importance of believing in yourself and taking chances. While for many of us being on TV seems like either a pipe dream or scarier then going to the dentist for a root canal, it should be seen as the next step in your professional career as a journalist and writer. As bloggers we create stories and content all the time. We know it is good and our readers love it. So why do we not pitch these stories and ideas to TV producers? The worst thing they can say is no right?? Some of her key points were: TV Producers do read blogs, When you pitch an idea use 3 key points, Be really knowledgeable about your topic, and be Organized and Professional. I have to say I would have never thought to pitch a TV producer before. After hearing Deborah speak I think I will give it a shot.

Renee Graziano


Out next speaker was Renee Graziano of Mob wives, who was interviewed by blogger Laura Gontchar. First Renee is such a beautiful and very real person. I loved her honesty about her past. For many women the regret we have from our past or having to deal with family issues can be overwhelming. I think her key message was to keep moving forward. You don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. Be happy with who you are and follow your passion. I think her message resonated with many of the women in the room, including myself. She also gifted us her new book Playing With Fire. Can’t wait to read it!

Next up was Lucy Wallace Eustice from MZ Wallace Bags. She is so down to earth and genuinely one of the sweetest people you will meet. I loved her passion for fashion and hand bags. One of the things I feel moms most struggle with is their loss of style and fashion that comes with being a mom. When you know you are bound to get thrown up on or something spilled on you on a daily basis, wearing nice stylish clothes no longer becomes a concern or priority. However, once your little ones start to grow up and you are less likely to become a target for daily disasters finding your style again can be hard. For many years I personally only carried a diaper bag. Carrying another bag just seemed like to much. With my youngest now 10, I have begun the journey back to caring about what I wear. It isn’t an easy journey because most days comfort and convenience (is: yoga pants and a t-shirt) are my go to outfits. I am also a mom who hates to spend money on herself. My husband will tell you I am the type of person to put things in my cart for myself and then take them out before I get to the register.

During the interview with Lucy I had the chance to ask her a question. My question was: “What would be a good bag for a mom who is trying to find her fashion and style sense again after years of carrying a diaper bag?” Her answer: “The Jane Tote

Janice Croze from for Blogger Bash

Image Credit: Janice Croze from for Blogger Bash

She then made the announcement that all of the VIP attendees would be given the Jane Tote as a gift.

Holy Crap on a Cracker!! I couldn’t believe it! This bag is GORGEOUS!! The outside is super easy to clean and the inside has so many pockets (a moms dream). I have been using this bag ever since I received it and have gotten so many compliments on it. I also have to admit I have a little bit more pep in my step carrying it. I feel like I am definitely well on my way to finding my fashion sense again.

Angela Big Ang Raiola

Our last speaker for the morning was Angela “Big Ang” Raiola from Mob Wives. One of my favorite things about Big Ang is her genuine love for her family including her pets. She makes no excuses for her past and the mistakes she has made but you can tell she works hard everyday to stay sober, make her family happy, and be a successful business women. I think as moms we all are trying to do just that. Her newest venture is her Big Ang Wines. We got a chance to try them and I have to say the Prosecco is DELICIOUS. I am not a huge fan of wine but I would definitely buy her Prosecco. I actually won a bottle during her Trivia game. 🙂 It was such a pleasure to meet her.

To end the morning I tracked down the person who I admire, respect, and have the most sincerest gratitude towards, the absolutely PHENOMENAL Joey Fortman!! This is my absolute favorite picture from the morning! <3

John Vignocchi

Our first speaker in the afternoon was John Vignocchi from Disney Infinity. He spoke to us about all the exciting new things coming to the Disney Infinity Brand. Like Disney Infinity 2.0 which will be in stores this fall just in time for Christmas. In Disney Infinity 2.0 they will be introducing 4 new characters: Tinkerbell, Stitch, Merida, and Malificent. How awesome is that?? Each of these new characters will have some special features to them.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Tinker Bell and Stitch

As if learning all this new Disney Infinity 2.0 news wasn’t enough he gave all the VIP attendees there vary own Disney Infinity 2.0 Tinker Bell!!!

Disney Infinity 2.0 Tinker Bell Sweet Suite Preview Edition

Isn’t she adorable??? Tinker Bell has always been one of my favorite Disney characters. 🙂 I was beyond excited to get her!!!

Leap Frog Counting on Lemonade Blogger Bash

One of the last speakers was from Leap Frog. ( I’m sorry I didn’t catch her name but if I find out I will add it) The Leap Frog team gave us a sneak peak at the new Counting on Lemonade movie that will be out this fall. We are not allowed to share what’s in the movie but I can tell you that your little ones will LOVE IT!! All the VIP’s will be getting an advanced copy in a few weeks. Since I don’t have any little ones I am going to do a giveaway for it so make sure you come back and check it out!!

Skylanders Blogger Bash


To cap off an AMAZING VIP Blogger Bash Experience there was a cupcake social that included delicious cupcakes, photo opps with a GIANT Skylander and chances to play the new Skylanders Trap Team provided by Activision!!

The VIP Blogger Bash Experience as a whole was not just amazing it was EXTRAORDINARY!! Wow and that was just the beginning of the day!!


  1. Sounds like it was a great experience. I did not have a VIP ticket, but this makes me reconsider getting one for next year!

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