Celebrate Back to School with Macy’s and Radio Disney

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Celebrate Back to School With Macy's and Radio Disney Events Around the Country

Are your kids ready to head back to school or have they already started? We start here next week and to get them back into school mode we went to the Celebrate Back to School with Macy’s and Radio Disney event this past weekend at Citrus Park Mall. The event which lasted 2 hours was a BLAST and my kids have a fantastic time. See for yourself!!!

Celebrate Back to School with Macy’s and Radio Disney

at Citrus Park Mall

#MacysBTS Citrus Park Mall ~  Balloon Artist  J.J. Szabo BalloonsRCool

One of the very first things you saw when you went to the Back to School event was this girl on stilts wearing a balloon bus. This balloon creation was AMAZING. Seriously my pictures don’t do it justice. The Balloon Artist’s name is J.J. Szabo from BalloonsRCool. His creativity is mind blowing. He made so many great creations for kids and he had a line a mile long the whole time.

#MacysBTS Citrus Park Mall~ Face Painting by Kara Mundy

The next thing that they just had to do was the face painting. The local face painting artist was Kara Mundy and she did such a great job with all the kids. From kitty cats to dragons and everything in between she was able to make anything the kids asked for. She even made one little boy look like Thor. (Sadly I didn’t get a picture of him)

#MacysBTS Citrus Park Mall Radio Disney

The majority of the girls time however, was spent having fun with the Radio Disney Crew! They did so many fun things with the kids like a hula hoop contest, funny dance contest, and story time. Abbie of course, won the hula hoop contest. She is the hula hoop queen of this family. Those that participate and those that won ALL got awesome Disney prizes.

The one Radio Disney activity that my girls most enjoyed was the “Finish the Song Lyric” Contest. The last game came down to Emma and Abbie.

#MacysBTS Citrus Park Mall Radio Disney Song Lyric Contest

I have to tell you my girls are competitive. They almost ran each other over at the end when it was sudden death and whoever got to the mic first with the correct lyric won.

#MacysBTS Citrus Park Radio Disney Winners

In the end it was decided that the girls would be Co-Winners!!! They received a Radio Disney Prize pack with the collectors edition Jungle Book DVD set, Now That’s Music Disney CD and other great goodies in a Radio Disney Bag! EVERYONE that participated in the song lyric game got to get 4 items from the Back to School Supply Table. Since I haven’t been shopping yet for supplies this was an awesome!!!

Macy’s along with Radio Disney will be having Back to School Events through out the country all through August and September! To find the one coming closest to you click HERE!!

I hope everyone has a great 2014-2015 School Year!!

Have You Ever Been to a Macy’s or Radio Disney Event?


  1. Larisa Kudisheva says:

    I had no idea Macy held events like that.

  2. I just love Macy’s. I went shopping there a couple of weeks ago and found some great bargains, too! This looks like it was a cute event.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog,! Very lovely post. 🙂

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