Deja vu

So here I lay in my bed after yet another day of unpacking and organizing. As I sort through box after endless box I get this feeling. Not a good feeling. Not a bad feeling. Just THAT feeling! Yep you guessed it…Deja vu!

It was almost a year ago that we moved back to Florida frim Philadelphia. Now it was no secret that I was unhappy living up north. I have never been, nor will I ever be a lover of 2 things….being cold or mornings! ; 0) So when the opportunity came for us to head back to Florida I was ecstatic. Little did I know less then a year later we would be on the move again. Now I LOVE to travel but moving…not so much. This is due in large part to all of the many aspects of moving, from packing, to finding a house to getting the kids settled. It is a never ending quest to get everything done and make the best choices possible that will make the majority in this house happy. Does that always happen? Nope. But I do try my best.
Tomorrow I am going to sign the kids up for school. I would have done it today but I couldnt find the box with all the needed paperwork. It was clearly labeled and I kept reminding everyone to keep the box out or put it in my room. Did that happen? Of course not but I did find it this evening so all is well. I half wonder if this was a ploy to delay the inevitably by 3 very cute mini humans. LOL I am excited, a little worried and nervous for them. I know that all 3 make friends easily but the first day in a new school is always scary.
So as I send them off tomorrow I will say lots of prayers, give them hugs/kisses & say I love you, tell them how amazing they are and remind them that being kind to others will always be their best quality.
Im sure that deja vu will happen again as I pick them up at the end of the day and they tell me all about their new friends. In the mean time there are more boxes to unpack, clothes to wash and as usual me….. Making It All Work!

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