Discovering the Outdoors with the Radio Flyer Ziggle

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Discovering Outdoors with Ride On Toys

Finding a toy that creates excitement in your family and encourages them to leave the comfort of the house and head outdoors can be a challenge. I think I’ve found a fun solution for us. Recently I was asked by Teresa to do a review for the new Radio Flyer Ziggle.

Getting Kids Active with Outdoor Toys

I’m always looking ways to get my children outdoors and having fun together with movement! That’s probably why I have a Pinterest Board for Gross Motor Activities and Healthy Living Tips with the Family. We could not wait to get started when we say the front of the box when our Radio Flyer Ziggle arrived. Actually when the UPS man dropped off our box from Radio Flyer he said “Looks like someone is going to have a good weekend!” He could not have been more accurate.  

Building Toys with Kids

Make Building Toys Together an Event

From the moment we opened the box it was exciting. It’s so much fun when you can get your child involved in building a new toy. One tip I’d like to share with you for any holiday consider purchasing a toy with the idea that part of the gift is building a new toy together. But let’s be honest you want to choose one that’s simply enough a child could put it together. Radio Flyer did an excellent job of making this one simple enough that even my almost 3 year old could put it together with me in a short period of time.

Discover Toys that Work for Variety of Ages

Finding toys that are easy to use for multiple ages can be a challenge and the Radio Flyer Ziggle was an instant success for both of my girls ages 3 and 7. It was perfect for them to play together and practice taking turns with as well. Finding toys that work for Sibling Activities is always a win in my books.

Sneaking in Active Activities

As the kids used Ziggle they feel like they are gliding along with no little effort because it’s so simple but the way it works is actually from twisting the front and wiggling the back and off you go! It’s a lot of fun to watch them zoom along “Ziggling” down the path. They are really utilizing their core muscles without even realizing it. I think it’s because the high performance caster wheels allow them to get some speed as they zoom along. Plus I love that the seat adjusts for growth for your child as well. It’s never fun to see a child outgrow a toy sooner than they are ready to.

Building Confidence with Ride on Toys

Building Confidence with a Toy

One key thing that I noticed about the Ziggle is that it took away that facture of balancing, which some kids in the age range still struggle with. I think it would make a great transition into riding a bike since you’re working on gliding and steering without having to worry about keeping balance and pedaling. I’m curious to see how quickly my 3 year old will learn to ride a bike compared to my 7 year old who still isn’t confident on her big girl bike.  

Overall we had so much fun with building and playing with our Ziggle, it even brought out the neighborhood kids to watch and all take turns by the end of the week. A toy that helped build problem solving skills, get kids moving, playing together and spark confidence is a win for our family and yours.  

Ziggle from Radio Flyer

How Do you Get your Kids Moving Outdoors?
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  1. Thanks Teresa for sharing my guest post on your website today! The Ziggle was so much fun to experience with the kids!

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