Are You Ready For An Emergency?? Learn More About Emergency Preparedness!

Emergency Perparedness

No matter where you are in the country or world emergencies can and will happen. The important thing to think about is: Are You Ready For An Emergency? Emergency Preparedness is the key.   Every part of the country or world has its own unique environment and disasters that can occur. I live in Florida so we have an emergency kit and plan for Hurricanes since we are more prone for their occurrence. While if you live in say California you are more prone for wild fires, which sadly a lot of California is battling at the moment. Emergencies are not just regional they can also be seasonal. With the cooler weather on its way you never know when a sudden thunderstorm or lightening will strike or when snow will come. The important thing to do is to prepared and ready before it happens.

  Emergency Preparedness

There are 4 very important steps to be prepared for any emergency that may arise. Those steps are:

Be Informed
First, you need to be informed about potential emergencies and disasters where you live, work, or visit. Then, you can go about making a plan that fits you and your loved ones.

Make a Plan
Making a family emergency communication plan with your friends and family before a disaster occurs is important.  Why? Because it will help you answer questions: how will you get in touch with each other? How will your family get to a safe place?  It’s important to make a plan now so that you will know where to meet, how to find each other following a disaster, and how to communicate in an emergency that works for your family’s specific communication needs.

Build a Kit
While each person’s abilities and needs vary, everyone can take steps to prepare for all types of emergencies. By evaluating your own individual needs and making an emergency plan that fits those needs, you and your loved ones can be better prepared.  For example, if being without access to medications, help, or other services you need to maintain your health, safety and independence for even a couple of hours or days could be devastating, and you need to be prepared more than ever.

Get Involved
People with disabilities are encouraged to take a seat at their community and local government- level planning tables.  Planning for emergencies and disasters with people who have disabilities and others with access and functional needs rather than planningfor them will allow us to understand and address the needs of the whole community in a disaster.

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