Introducing the World’s First @Cuddleuppet Birthday Cake!!

imageHere is the Cuddleuppets cake Emmaleigh requested!!


Here is the cake with her favorite Cuddleuppet!!! She loves her doggy sooo much!!


And here is Princess Emma (rotten grin included. LOL) with her favorite Birthday Cake Ever!!!


  1. That’s adorable! Did you make it? And what is a Cuddlepuppet?

    • Yes Rebekah I made it! ;0) a Cuddleuppet is a puppet on a blanket. My girls love them!! I added a link to the post so you can check the site out.

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m so jealous of your talent. Excellent job. I’m going to put this on my Pinterest.

  3. Wynter Reign says:

    I wish that I was that creative. That is beautiful.

  4. nice

  5. That is so creative! and cute to boot!

  6. girl you are AMAZING with baked goods!!!

  7. Spectacular! Your daughter and the cake are both adorable!

  8. Ohhhh…..that is such a CUTE cake. Love it!

  9. Georgeann says:

    This is so cool! Would you mind if I used this image on my blog? I will credit you!

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. Yes you may use the image as long as it is linked back to my site and credited. Thank you for asking first! ;0)

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