Making your own ice cream….My Favorite Summer Tradition.

Growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland surrounded by farms and road side stands you are never far from fresh fruits and veggies. It was never a surprise to stop by a local stand to grab some tomatoes for dinner or grab a pint of strawberries to enjoy for dessert during the summer. Having fresh fruits available is one thing I miss from back home.

One of my favorite memories growing up was making homemade ice cream every summer.  We would use whatever fresh fruit was in season and there is nothing better than homemade fresh ice cream. My favorite is fresh peach ice cream. Just thinking about it I can taste those itty bitty pieces of peach in the ice cream.

So today while I was at the store I decided to buy an ice cream maker. I bought a Rival 6qt Ice Cream Maker. While there we bought all the things we needed to make ice cream. When we got home the kids helped mix the ingredients. Once everything was ready in the ice cream maker it went. Once it got going I started to smile thinking about how proud my Grandma Collins would be that I was passing this down to my kids. After a little while I had to laugh because the kids started asking “Is it ready yet?”. And instantly I remember being a little kid waiting and waiting and waiting, It seemed like it took FOREVER when I was a kid. So even though it only takes 40 minutes to a little kid that is like 3 hours. LOL Once the time was up this is what we made…

Creamy Yummy Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!!


The kids are so excited to made all different flavors of ice cream. This really makes my heart smile!! I hope this is a tradition they will pass down to their children one day!

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