The Modern Rules of Toilet Paper


The Modern Rules of Toilet Paper

Does this ever happen at your house? For me it is either my lovely children or wonderful husband beckoning me from one of the bathrooms to fetch them another roll of toilet paper. For you see when the supply runs out I am the only one with the special powers to replenish the rolls. You can imagine with a house full of kids and 2 adults this is a very important super power to have.  I always make sure we are stocked up in the hall closet. Thanks to Walmart’s Stock Up and Save event we won’t be on the verge of a toilet paper shortage for a while. All that being said you must follow the modern rules of toilet paper to avoid this catastrophe.

 The Modern Rules of Toilet Paper

  1. Always keep at least 2 backup rolls under the sink or on the back of the toilet.
  2. Never leave the a whole pack of toilet paper in the bathroom. (For some reason it (magically) disappears faster that way.)
  3. Always have the rolls with the toilet paper coming from the bottom. (Yes I know there is some debate about this but trust me this is the best way)
  4. Keep the door to the bathroom closed at all times so that your fur babies don’t use the toilet paper as a play toy.
  5. Stock Up Now at the Walmart Stock Up and Save event going on now through April 30th!

Walmart Stock Up and Save EventThe Walmart Stock Up and Save event is perfect for me and my big Family.  You can’t imagine how fast we run out of toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent. You would think I was running a hotel or something.

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