My Disney’s Brave review and What it taught me about my kids!

Oh where to begin. This morning we decided to take all of our girls, Mandi, Abbie and Emmaleigh, to go to see Brave. I haven’t read any reviews because I didn’t want to have a per-conceived notion of the movie and I am so glad I didn’t. From just a visual perspective the movie is a beautifully made, so close to the real thing that you forget sometimes that is animated, stunning movie. The animators at Pixar really outdid themselves.

The story of Brave’s Merida is so close to real life. As a teenager I was very much rebellious and wanted to blaze my own path like Merida. I also didn’t want to listen to my parents..AT ALL! As I was watching the movie I kept thinking about my own relationship with my daughters. When we adopted Mandi she was barely 16 so I didn’t really go through the beginning stages of teenage-hood with her. We have our days now but I think our relationship has gotten stronger through out the time we have had her. My two youngest, Abbie and Emmaleigh, will be going through all of the joys of being a teenager soon. Watching this movie really made me think of the bond and the relationship that I have with each of them and the role and responsibility that I have in them.

Throughout the movie Merida just wants to make her own choices and be her own person. Her mom just wants her to understand the importance of tradition and being a proper young lady. This is the age-old problem that every mother-daughter relationship has. But I don’t want this to happen with my girls. I was crying so hard at the end thinking about my own relationship with my mother and my relationship with my girls. There was a lot of hurt between my mother and I for a very long time. Our relationship is better now but it doesn’t erase all the hurtful memories I have. I try not to dwell on them but rather use them to not repeat those things with my own daughter. This movie really reminded me the importance of not just guiding and parenting my girls but listening and let them show me what they want for their future. I really want to have a close relationship with my girls and Brave reminded me that listening to your kids is more important than being right.


  1. Thanks for sharing Teresa. I hope my little one never grows up.

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