My Top 5 Best Invented Products for Parents in the Last 20 Years!

Now it is no secret that I have been a parent for almost 20 years now. I started young! LOL In those 2 decades I have seen some really interesting things come and go. From toys, to gadgets, to food, the last 20 years has seen a real boom in products that help parents. I really have to applaud manufactures for stepping up to the plate and understanding what an important job parenting is and most importantly for listening to parents (moms mostly), when we give you feedback about the products we use. It is because of this that most of the products that I have seen come out have been extremely helpful to the day-to-day job of parenting! In an ode to that awesome products that parents use everyday I have created what I think are the Top 5 Best Invented Products for Parents made in the last 20 years that I have been a parent!!

My Top 5

#5 on my Top 5 list Playtex Drop Ins!

#5 on my Top 5 list Playtex Drop Ins!

When I first became a parent in 1993, one of the first products I used and loved was the Playtex Drop Ins! Holy Moly I was instantly in love with these bottles with the liners! The thought of having to wash bottles, sterilizing them twice a day was very daunting to me at the tender age of 16. Yes having a baby is a lot of work and at 16 I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. I was very naive about a lot of things at that age as are most of us. That being said, the liners made feeding baby Tyler much easier. I had plenty of nipples for the bottles so all I had to do was wash & sterilize everything once a day. So that is why these come in at #5 on my list!

The next child I had come 6 years later and boy was he a mess. He was adorable, cute, stubborn, lovable and so much more but he was a mess none the less. He was the first child I breastfed and I think because of that he was very attached to him mama. While this brought joy to my heart, it did not allow me to do some of the things I needed to do during the day. The reason being he never wanted me to put him down. He would fuss and cry the moment he was put down. When he was done nursing and knocked out completely I would try to lay him down in his crib. Instantly he would wake up and start crying. Oy Vey!! This was quite and issue until I stumbled across my life saver at a community yard sale. The product that gave me the ability to shower again before 5pm was the Bouncy Seat with Vibration.  Pictured below is Gabe when was like 4 months old sleeping away in his bouncy seat. When I found this I had never seen one like it before. It was like a papasan chair on bungee cords that had a button in the front to turn on the vibration. It changed my life and it was used with both my girls as well. I wish I knew who made it to give them proper credit but I don’t remember a manufacturer name on it. I thought it may have come from Europe. However here is the Graco Simple Snuggles Bouncer  that is very similar and it makes the list at #4!


Baby Gabe cira 1999 asleep in his bouncy seat


By the time Abigail Marie came along 4 years later I was pretty comfortable with my parenting abilities. I knew what worked for us and everyone was thriving! When it came time to start my baby girl on solid snacks I was overjoyed at the new containers that Gerber had just come out with. The plastic square containers were extremely portable and much safer to throw in the diaper bag then the glass jars. The variety  of baby food had expanded as well which also delighted my new little eater. It was also around this time that I saw Gerber graduates emerge. From the new Puffs (which I thought were pretty tasty, don’t judge lol) to the new Pick Up meals these newest products were such a lifesaver to me! It made travel with little ones much easier. It is because Gerber continues to make these great products that they make my list at #3.

Gerber Baby Food

Gerber Baby Food

Much to my surprise, a short 9 months after the birth of Abigail, I found out I was pregnant again with my last child, Emmaleigh Grace!  She was such an unexpected blessing to our family and continues to be to this day. After the birth of Abigail I was given one of the best products that came in soooo handy having the last 2 so close in age. The product was the Boppy Pillow! Although the Boppy Pillow was invented in 1989 which is before I actually became a parent, it didn’t actually become popular or available in stores til around the year 2000. After that is took off in popularity and everyone had to have one. What makes this product so awesome is that it allowed me to nurse much easier with one hand, allowing me to attend to my toddler with the other hand. The variety of uses for a Boppy Pillow definitely make parenting so much easier. From feeding your baby, to helping them sleep propped up when they have a cold, to helping them learn to sit up the Bobby Pillow’s diversity is what make it #2 on my list!

Boppy Pillow

The #1 item on my list has truly been by far the best invention in the history of parenting to date. For many years parents have struggled with the issue that this invention single-handedly fixed. It has allowed parents to save money, save time and save their sanity (at least my sanity anyway, LOL)! The product that is #1 is the Adjustable Waistband! I’ve researched this modern marvel and can’t pinpoint who invented it. I also can’t remember the very first time I was introduced them but I have been in love ever since. My kids are tall and lanky which can be a challenge when trying to find pants that fit. My daughter Abigail is very petite but has legs that go on for miles. These adjustable waistbands are such a life saver for her. How it saves money for me is because my girls are close in age. They wear almost the same size. So what I do is buy them a size bigger and they both can wear the same jeans! This saves me money and time! :0) As for the sanity part, Well by having the adjustable waistbands I don’t have to deal with the whining or arguing about outfits that don’t fit right!

Adjustable Waistbands

So these are my Top 5 Best Invented Products that have come out since I became a parent almost 20 years ago. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have a product that you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!




  1. What a great list!

  2. I love Boppy! My son used it a ton but I did too!

  3. Adjustable waistbands – for maternity and children, especially at Old Navy and Childrens Place, are wonderful! So is the diaper Genie. And so are pretty nursing bras.

    • I agree adjustable waistbands for maternity clothes are fabulous too!! The Diaper genie I didn’t find that helpful for me but I do know moms that love it. As for nursing bra’s I unfortunately never had ones that I would say were pretty. :0( I have seen some now that are very pretty though and you wouldn’t even know they were for nursing.

  4. That boppy pillow looks great! Too bad they didn’t have that when I was a new mommy! I could think of so many great uses for it!


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