Niche Mommy Conference Review!

A few weekends ago I had the joy of attending the Niche Mommy Conference held in New Orleans, LA. To say that the conference inspired me not only in my professional life as a blogger but as my life as a mom and wife would be such a total understatement. I could seriously write a book about the conference but since I know most of you don’t have the time to read that much with all you have going on so I will try give you the cliff notes version. (Heavy on the “try” lol)

When I first arrived at the Niche Mommy Conference I was greeted at the registration desk by Tiffany from the blog Fabulous Mom Blog. She was so sweet and welcoming. I knew from that moment that this was going to be a great conference. That night there was a wonderful kick off cocktail party. It was so nice to get to meet the wonderful bloggers that I would be spending the weekend with in a casual, no hurry atmosphere.

Friday morning during breakfast we had a great keynote speaker, Ted Rubin. He is the Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias. I had the pleasure of meeting Ted at Blogher in NYC earlier in the  month but due to the fast passed, congested environment I didn’t get a chance to really speak to him. To hear him speak about how important our relationships are and how to better nurture them, whether that be in our professional life or personal life really made think about how I currently interact with others. I want to work on making better connections in a more enriching way.

The rest of the day we had some fantastic breakout sessions. The ones I attended focused on how to create a better pitch and focusing your content. These two were especially helpful to me as I have only recently began to monetize my blog. I took away some great pointers from both sessions and have been able to apply them since getting back from the Niche Mommy Conference. Our Lunch speaker was Kate T. Berg, the president of Collective Bias. She is such a wonderful champion of women in business. She makes you feel like anything is possible. I am so glad that I was able to meet her after her speech.

To close out the first night of the conference I was able to organize a Ghost Tour provided to us by Bloody Mary’s Ghost Tours. Two other bloggers joined me on this fabulously haunted tour, Kelli from and Tiffany from Fabulous Mom Blog.  We had such a great time. Mary, who is the owner, was our tour guide. She has such a wonderful ability to tell the haunting stories in a romantic way. You really felt like you knew the people she was talking about. The history of New Orleans is so rich with love stories gone wrong and violence from the past. She offers many other tours through the day, including a cemetery tour. I am already planning to do that one next year when I go back.

 Dr. Daisy Sutherland at the Niche Mommy Conference 2012

Saturday morning during breakfast, the keynote speaker was Dr.Daisy Sutherland from Dr. Mommy Online. I love her message to moms. She wants all moms to realize that we will never reach this ideal of perfection that we think exists. First, Perfection in Parenting DOESN”T exist. Second, asking for help does not make you a bad parent. When you finally let go of trying to be a Supermom you will find out how much more rewarding your life will be as a Powermom. Her message resonated with so many of us. It really made me rethink how I am parenting and what I can do to be a better mom.

Sili, Joseclyn and Yadira from @CFLLatinas

The sessions I attended Saturday, were by far the best sessions of the conference in my opinion. The first one was about Leveraging Brand Relationships for Conference Sponsorship and Other Paid Opportunities as a multicultural blogger. This session was conducted by Sili from My Mamihood , Joscelyn from Mami of Multiples, and Yadira from El Club de las Diosas. Now I may not be multicultural but the information I learned at this session went far beyond culture. They really helped me, as well as many others, to connect the dots with information we already had. There were so many “Ah-ha” moments during this session it was amazing. I felt like so many questions I had about monetizing my blog were answered. These girls are so knowledgeable and genuinely want to see other bloggers succeed. This session had everyone still talking about what a wonderful wealthy of information was learned the next morning at breakfast. I urge you to follow them because they are destined for great things in the future and I, for one, can’t wait to see what they will do.

The other session I attended, I also was honored to be on the panel of. It was the Moms Matter in 2012: Discussing the 2012 Election panel hosted by Lindsay Ferrier from Cafemom. I don’t normally post about my political beliefs here on my blog because so many have such passionate beliefs and I have seen discussions turn ugly. I prefer that my blog be a happy place. That being said, as a Social Worker, I am passionate about policy and advocating for the rights of those who presently are not getting their needs met. It was wonderful to be apart of a panel that included women with different political views who were so respectful of the views that differed from their own. It was so refreshing to be able to have a political discussion that did not turn confrontational or ugly. My main message during the discussion was to ALWAYS exercise your ability to vote. So much time and effort is put into the presidential election but it is your state and local elections that truly affect you day-to-day life. Sadly though, these elections typically see less than 5% of registered voters actually vote.  Educating yourself on the issues in your state and local area, as well as, the national election will help you to make a more informed choice. Don’t allow ANY election in your area go by without you making your voice heard. VOTE!!

To round out the second day of the conference we all attending a fantastic cocktail party at Bourbon Heat. It was so nice to mingle with everyone and just have a relaxing time. That is probably the best part of this conference. The schedule was created with such a wonderful flow and time built-in to really connect with others. I loved how there were mini breaks that included bite size snack and coffee just when you needed them most. You could really tell that a lot of thought went into the schedule.

All in All this was the best conference I have attended to date. What they have created with the Niche Mommy conference is so much more than just a professional blogger conference. The quality that was achieved from the speakers, to the sessions, to the food, to the connections was far greater than I could have ever imagined. It enriched every aspect of my life. I came home with a new vision for my life and new goals that I am excited to work towards. They truly have created a template for blogging conferences that other conferences should take notes from. Realizing that Quality is soooo much more important than Quantity, makes the Niche Mommy Conference way ahead of the pack. You must make this conference a must attend for 2013! I hope to see you there next year!!


I want to say a very special Thank you to Time to Play for sponsoring my trip to the Niche Mommy Conference. It was an amazing experience and I can’t Thank you enough for helping me to attend.  

Please refer to my Disclosure policy for questions or concerns regarding sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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