No Matter The College Florida PrePaid College Plan Is For You!

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Last year my son, who graduates this May, told me that he was excited to start college and that he may want to go to college out of state. At first I was excited but then I started to worry about the high price of our of state tuition.  After doing tons of research I found out that the Florida PrePaid College Plan had us covered no matter which college he choices to go to.

Florida PrePaid College Plan Myths

As with many things involving parenting there is so much information circling around the internet that may or may not be true. It is up to us as parents to do our research and sift through it all to make the best choices for our kids. Funding college for our kids is no different. Some of those myths including thinking it is only good for Florida Colleges and Universities or that if you child doesn’t use it you lose your money. Here are some of the facts that definitely clear up a lot of those myths:

  • Florida Prepaid College Plans allow you to prepay the future cost of college. When your child is ready for college, the plan pays the tuition, tuition differential fee and other specified fees covered under the plan.
  • Guaranteed – Every Prepaid Plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida, so you will never lose your investment.
  • Nationwide – Even if your child attends an out-of-state or private college, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida.
  • Scholarships – If your child receives a scholarship, you can get a refund for the same amount as the plan would pay a public college or university in Florida.
  • 10 Years – Your child has up to 10 years after his or her year of projected enrollment to use the plan.

I think for me it is a sense of security knowing that if my child wants to take time to travel or work before college that the money is still there. Not to mention they have the ability to go to any school they choose.

Florida PrePaid College Plan has a wonderful deal for parents. If you start a new plan during Open Enrollment which ENDS 2/28/17 and use promo code BLOG1617 you will save 5o% off the enrollment. Don’t miss this great opportunity to start saving for your child’s future.

I have partnered with Bloggin’ Mamas as a Mama’Bassador to promote Florida Prepaid. All opinions expressed are my own.

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