Planning meals for the week…..need your help!! (Giveaway!!)

So since I am homeschooling I am trying my best to make my life (not to mention my hubbies who cooks dinner 4 out of 7 days a week) a little easier by planning meals. I even would like to try what I have heard others do which is making meals ahead of time. My problem with this is I have never done pre-cooked meals before and I am tired of the same ol’ same ol’. We seem to do chicken, pork, ground turkey and repeat most weeks. The chicken and pork are usually just baked and sides are added. The ground turkey is either spaghetti, lasagna, manwich, or hamburger helper. So I am coming to you my readers for some help.
I need new recipes to add into the rotation. Here is the thing, we don’t eat beef much if ever. Also I can’t really use the crock pot because I have a bad gallbladder & IBS and when I eat meat from a crock pot it really does a number on me. Sooooo if you have any recipes that you think will work around my tummy issues and are willing to share I would love to have them. You can email me ( the recipe then post that you sent it to me in the comment section. At the end of the week I will randomly select an entry to win a $10 gift card to a store of your choosing!!!

I look forward to reading your recipes and trying them out!!!


  1. Hi Teresa! It’s Jesskelly from BBH-I got a book from the library called Frozen assets-lite and easy and it has some great recipies in it! I havn’t done it where I freeze them yet but it’s an easy to follow cookbook where u cook one day and make several days worth of meals-or another book i like is holly clegg’s trim and terrificfreezer friendly meals-i also got from the library and just made copies lol good luck!

  2. Margie D. says:

    Just sent you four that I love. Hope you find a couple to your liking! 🙂

  3. I don’t have time to email you, so here it is…… I KNOW how much you love chicken. On Sunday I cook a large package of boneless skinless chicken breast from SAM’s club. I cut the chicken into strips that are manageable. Using olive oil and a variety spices I cook the whole package. We save the plastic containers from carry out chinese food, which conveniently hold two meals worth of chicken strips for a family of four. I cook an asian flavored chicken using garlic and ginger (fresh is better), a little lemon juice, fresh peper, and a splash of soy sauce when it is almost finished. I cook a curry chicken using curry and ginger. I cook some using lemon, pepper and . I love using season all on chicken as well! My favorite is chicken with lemon, pepper and thyme. Once it is cooked thoroughly, add a good quality honey and a little spicy mustard. MMMMMMMMMMM! So how do we use all of these different types of chicken in a week? Asian wraps with tomatoe wraps, salad, and the asian chicken–good with the curry chicken too. Chicken quesadillas using the season all chicken, or any of them. Chicken cassarole….. rice, cream of chicken soup, grated cheddar cheese and chicken flavored chicken or season all chicken. I also use the curry chicken to top a salad for lunch. Chicken is great with spaghetti, on a sub roll with some salsa and lettuce or even spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese. Sooooooo many things you can do with the chicken strips. The best thing is….. the kids can put together their own food!
    Love from home

    • sorry…the chicken flavored chicken is the fresh lemon, pepper and herb ox chicken bouillion seasoning (the powder not the cube). You can use any of these chicken flavors to make chicken pot pie as well: chicken strips, mixed bag of frozen veggies, cream of chicken soup, and the crust: bisquick, milk and eggs.

  4. Just sent you a recipe my Mom used to make when we were kids…which my daughter loves too! Hope you like it!

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