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For about a month or so now my daughter has been using her new phone that we got through Walmart Family Mobile.  I can’t deny that we have had to use the phone quite a few times for choir rehearsal pick ups and for other times we’ve needed to reach her. I can honestly say we have put this phone and service through its paces. How did it do??

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Well for the phone itself, it was very good and easy for my daughter to use. This was her first phone so I was a bit concerned about her being able to figure it out. I liked that the model 606A (pictured above), had a slid up keyboard. It was easy for her to send me text messages or respond to mine.  It had all the features that any kid would want; texting, camera and games.  I can also tell you that with my current plan, which isn’t the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I do not get nearly as good of reception as she did with her phone.

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I have to say I am also a big fan of that fact that they have plans that are talk and text only. As she is a in elementary school I just don’t feel comfortable with her being on the internet on her phone. Most other plans don’t offer this option or if they do it is much more expensive.  My current one for example charges you a fee even if you don’t use it. This fee is based on your phone model. Currently we pay $250 a month for 4 phones. To me that is just too much, which is why I wanted to try out Walmart Family Mobile. It really is the cheapest wireless plan around for the best value.

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All in all I have to say that I am very pleased with Walmart Family Mobile Service and the variety of phones. In fact after much discussion with my husband we have decided to switch to Walmart Family Mobile when our current contract is up for renewal around Christmas time. I am very excited about this and can’t wait to save money without sacrificing good service. #FamilyMobileSave #cbias

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  1. Thanks for this review I had been thinking of the switch and was afraid service would not be that great. You have helped me make the decision. THANKS

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