Saying Goodbye to Supermom! Let’s Start a Revolution!!

If you are anything like me, and chances are you are, between kids, husband, work, the house and everything else you are tired and emotionally drained on a daily basis.  Do you know why?? It is because we are programmed to be SUPER MOM!! You know the do everything, never ask for help because you can do it all, little voice in your head that never stops….yeah that’s Supermom. That’s the little voice that causes us to stay up til 3am, baking 4 dozen cookies for a school party that your little one didn’t tell you about until bedtime, even though you could buy them in the store in the morning or saying yes to someone when you already have a packed day planned and was already wondering how you would get it all done. It is time that we let go and say Goodbye to Supermom.

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mommy speak this past May at the SheCon Bloggers Conference in Orlando. To say she is motivational to moms would be like saying that having a spa day is just OK. She really makes you rethink your definition of mommyhood. Dr.Mommy is a down to earth mom who speaks from experience and tells it to ya straight.

Recently I have been really feeling burnt out trying to be everything to everyone , AKA Supermom. Last night I was attending a Twitter party for the new Niche Mommy Conference that will be kicking off its first conference in New Orleans in August. The special guest was Dr. Mommy, she will be speaking at the conference in August. By the time the Twitter party rolled around, I honestly was just soo tired and emotional. I was feeling so defeated and worthless as a mom. I had honestly thought about not attending and just going to bed. Then my daughters flight was delayed so I had to stay awake and I decided to log on.

During the party I felt like she was talking directly to me. I have been so wrapped up with life that I had forgotten to breathe and refuel.  She reminded me that I don’t have to do everything for everyone. That it is OK to ask for help but most importantly to ACCEPT help when it is offered. When you know your limits, share the responsibilities and chores, get your family to work together  and most importantly…let go of the self-imposed ideal of Perfection (which doesn’t exist), then you will become POWERMOM!!! You will be happier, healthier, and your family will be better because of it! So this morning I woke up and decided that I would say Goodbye to being a Supermom, which lets face isn’t good for anyone, and strive to be a POWERMOM!!

I just want to say a huge Thank you to Dr. Mommy for helping me to see what has always been there and to embrace who I can be not who I have become. I strongly suggest that if you get a chance to hear her speak to go and take your mom, your sister and any other women you know with you. Lets start a movement of POWERMOMS!!! Whose with me??






  1. It’s true. It’s so easy become wrapped up in the to-do list of living that you forget to live. I’ve never heard of Dr. Mommy but her message sounds awesome.

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