Stanley Steamer $100 Gift Card & Prize Pack Giveaway

Now that the Holidays are wrapping up I’m sure many of you have notice those stains on your carpet that weren’t there before. I know I have. Not that my carpet was fabulous before with 5 kids but now it is just… know….. sight-full! LOL Now worries though because Stanley Steamer can turn your carpet woes around!

Stanley Steemer Truck

Thankfully I just scheduled for Stanley Steemer’s friendly experts to come on Friday to get my carpet’s BEAUTIFUL in time for our New Year’s Eve get together. (I plan on taking lots of before, during and after pics so check back Friday!) With more than 60 years as the dirt authority, Stanley Steemer cleaning experts are certified to remove more than 98 percent of dry soil from floors – a rate significantly higher than self-cleaning methods. What I love most about Stanley Steemer is the ease and convenience of scheduling your appointments online. All you have to do is head to their website here, put in your zip code  choose the Stanley Steemer closest to you, select the number & type of rooms, pick a time & date and send. It doesn’t get my easier than that really! You also don’t need to put in any credit card info.

Stanley Steemer Scheduling

As you can see they also do more than just carpets. They do furniture, grout, rugs, cars, air ducts & so much more. How many of you knew that Stanley Steemer does car cleaning?? I sure didn’t but will definitely be using this service in the future. So raise your hand if your carpets (or other areas) are in desperate need of a good professional cleaning??? I see a few of you with you hands up!! Well Thanks to Stanley Steemer I am giving away a $100 gift certificate and 2 Stanley Steemer Spot Removers™ to one of my AMAZING Readers!! Be sure to follow Stanley Steemer of Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date of special promotions and updates! Enter below for your chance to win!! Good Luck!

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The Stanley Steemer gift certificate, information, and two gift packs have been provided by Stanley Steemer. All opinions expressed are 100% my own! 
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  1. Pomegranate juice.

    • Did the stain ever come out?? I don’t have experience with pomegranate stains, althoughy girls do love to eat them.

  2. I didn’t know that they cleaned air ducts! Pretty cool 🙂 I also need the dryer duct that leads outside cleaned, so I was clicking through to see if they do that too?

    • I fixed the link. Thank you for letting me know!! You know that is a FABULOUS idea. I need to get my dryer duct cleaned too!!!

  3. The worst I have in my carpet is a spill from red gatorade. Still there!

    • Oh I hear ya. In our old house my kids spilled orange soda on the carpet and that stain NEVER came out. We had to replace the carpet.

  4. Beth McKinney says:

    RED Scentsy wax. UGH!!

  5. Dog urine is the worst!

  6. Squished up fig newton cookies

  7. Tracy Warrick says:

    I need this so bad!!! Great giveaway!!

  8. Cat pee! THE WORST!!! Then again, all the dirt being tracked in is pretty horrible too.

    • Yeah we have a puppy that likes to do that too occasionally if my son doesn’t take him out soon enough. Although I agree the tracked in dirt is pretty bad too!

  9. Nail polish. My beauty room is full of makeup-type stains but nail polish splotches take the cake. Eek!

  10. Coffee is the worst. The kids seem to always tip over my cup.

  11. red wine

  12. Sarah Werner says:

    The kids spilled something red (guessing juice) and we have never gotten the stain up from that, but one of the worst is all the puppy messes! Blah!

  13. My girls always spill cranberry juice! So terrible!

  14. Hawaiian Punch !!! UGH! That stuff never comes up. Orange Soda is really crappy too!

  15. My grandson got into my makeup and had it all over my floor, it took me forever to get the spots up

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