A Checklist of Fun Summer Activities

Summer will be here before you know it. Yes it is true that much of the country in deep into winter and praying for warmer temps. However for us Summer vacation from school starts in just about 14 weeks. To ward off the “I’m bored” whining that always happens I am trying to get prepared. Are you also looking for some inspiration to have fun this summer? Then you definitely need to checkout our long checklist of some of the fun summer activities. 

Summer Activities Checklist

13 Fun Summer Activities

1: Grab a colored tape from the drawer or buy one from the market, put it on the carpet and make roads for the kid’s toy cars. This is fun and interesting. You can let your kids put the tape on the carpet but make sure they don’t create a mess instead.

2: Take a couple of sponges. Take out your box of chalks and draw different spots and you are ready to turn the driveway into that bull’s-eye target game you always wanted to play. Oh! Don’t forget to soak them in water.

3: Chalk dress up dolls and characters are always interesting to make. Take out some of your kid’s old clothes and draw their favorite character using chalk on the floor. Dress them up with those clothes and add some more details to make it even more interesting.

4: How about turning the sidewalk into a work of art? Exploding paint bags that are easily found in the market can be filled with water and your favorite color and exploded on the sidewalk. Most of the items are already found in the kitchen.

5: Having an above ground pool in the backyard is always exciting. It keeps you waiting to splash in it. You can read some of the best above ground pools reviews by visiting Above Ground Pool Central.

6: Painting on wet glue can be interesting and creative. You will need food coloring for this easily found in the market. Buy some multi-colors food coloring. You can save lids to cottage cheese, or even the Cool Whip for the canvases. It is very fun and exciting.

7: Ever heard of Stomp Paintings? Well, this requires those leftover bubble wrap and some paint mixtures and you are all set to make your kids laugh and enjoy. Make bubble wrap shoes, tie them around the kid’s feet, make paint mixture of any color, flatten the large bubble wrap in the backyard and let the kids jump over it to pop.

8: Buy some multi-color sponges and build a tower out of them. You need to cut them properly to give them a proper shape of a tower. You can also cut them to give a shape of a character. This requires some technical skills.

9: Making a small river in the backyard from tinfoil is also a fun activity you can try this summer with your kids. You can a couple of tinfoil rolls that won’t cost much. Cut and give them the shape of a small river with banks so that water can stay in it. Let the pipe hose fill it with water. You can add some colors to this tiny backyard river.

10: Toddlers sometimes need stuff that can keep them entertained and busy for hours. What you can do is grab a paper towel roll, and tape it to the wall. Now take a bowl and place it underneath the paper towel roll. Buy those gummy bear jellies or any simple candy balls and teach the toddler to roll them through the paper towel roll into the bucket/bowl underneath. It keeps them busy for hours. Pom-poms cam be used as well. This also develops their motor skills along the process.

11: Burlap from a gardening center can be used to create a wonderful preschooler-appropriate sewing station for the kids. This one too is very great at developing their core motor skills along the process of doing it.

12: Let the kids enjoy more. Take a big and an inch-deep tray, fill it with sugar and let your preschooler toddler continue to learn to draw letters with the sugar-writing tray. It is fun, easy to make and sugary as well. Make sure to keep an eye on him.

13: Well, camping is always outdoors, in the backyard, hill station etc. Give your kids a unique taste by camping indoors. Take out that camp and hammock, assemble them in a room, put in all the camping beds and accessories and have a wonderful night with some spooky stories.



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