The invasion of the Cuddleuppets..

So this past weekend I went to SheCon12 and had a fabulous time. One of the awesome swag items was a Cuddleuppets. I was fortunate that another blogger gave me hers so that each of my girls could have one. My girls are 17 months apart and are just like twins so if one gets something the other one has to have one too.

To say these Cuddleuppets have taken over my house is an understatement. My daughter, Abigail, fell asleep on the couch all wrapped up in her yellow puppy and I couldn’t’ even adjust it cause she had a death grip on it. My daughter, Emmaleigh, took hers to the grocery store the next morning.

Abbie all curled up with her Cuddleuppets Puppy!

Emma lovin her Cuddleuppets.

When I asked her why she wanted to bring it to the grocery store she said it’s cold at the store and her Cuddleuppets was warm and soft. And to top it all off Emmaleigh told me that she no longer wanted a Justin Bieber cake for her birthday in July. She now wants a Cuddleuppets cake. This is HUGE!! She has been talking about the Justin Bieber cake for about 6 months now. You definitely have  a new dedicated fan. So it is time for me to get my creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for her cake to be posted July 8th!!

Thank you so much to Cuddleuppets!!








This is not a sponsored post. The Cuddleuppets were given out at SheCon12.


  1. What an awesome post! Glad to hear your little ones love their CuddleUppets! We’re big fans of CuddleUppets as well 🙂

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