Tips to Beat the Summer Heat for Kids with Natural Ingredients

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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat For Kids

Summer, Summer, SUMMER TIME!! Yahoo!! We are in the throws of summer and are loving it. One of our favorite things to do is get out of the house. Whether we are out riding bikes, playing at the park, or splashing at the pool we love to be active. As much as I love the heat and sun of summer I am not a huge fan of some of the not so fun parts that go along with it like heat stroke, sweating, and sunburn. These same things affect our kids. As my kids get older, not only are they becoming more aware of some of these issues (ie: Smelling and needing a long lasting deodorant) but it is important to learn and educate them about these issues so they stay safe and healthy. This is why I am sharing my Tips to Beat the Summer Heat for Kids.

Tips to Beat the Summer Heat for Kids

Heat Illnesses

When you think of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, the image that pops into your head is usually an older person but the truth is that kids are much more likely to suffer from this in the summer then adults. WHY?? It is because they are more active and less likely to drink something. Here are some sign you need to be aware of for Heat illnesses in kids:

  • increased thirst
  • weakness
  • fainting
  • muscle cramps
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • irritability
  • headache
  • increase sweating
  • cool, clammy skin
  • elevation of body temperature, but less than 104°F (40°C)

4 Tips to Avoid Heat Illnesses in Kids


We all sweat. In the summer here in Florida you can break a sweat just opening the door in the morning because of the heat. LOL Along with the lovely sweat stains you get the smell. Oh Joy! Recently my 2 youngest have entered into the pre-teen years and are now keenly aware of the whole sweating/smelling issue. Up until now they seemed to be blissfully (and smellingly) unaware of this problem. With this new stage of life they have now asked to use deodorant. Since the girls were little I have been very cautious about the food they eat and the products I bought for them to use. I’m not a totally fanatic about it but I do read labels and pick my battles with them. So when they asked about deodorant I started researching natural products that would work for them in this Florida Heat and off to Whole Foods I went.

Toms of Main Deodorant at Whole Foods

Through my research I had decided on Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant. However, as any parent will tell ya just because you like something it doesn’t mean that your kids will. So when we were at Whole Foods my daughter did the smell test.

Tom's of Maine Deodorant Smell Test

Thankfully she really liked the Wild Lavender and Fresh Apricot. I make a natural sugar scrub from Lavender Essential Oil that Emma uses for her Keratosis Pilaris that she has on his legs. When she was smelling the Tom’s Deodorant said “Hey Mom this smells like my shower scrub you make me! It smells really good!”.  So she called dibs on the Wild Lavender and we bought the Fresh Apricot for her sister.

Toms of Maine Natural Deodorant for PreTeens

I caught Emma putting on her deodorant this morning and I just had to share the pic. Her face is priceless. I am pretty sure through the teen years I will see the “Seriously Mom” face a lot.


We all know that sunburns are no fun. I had a sunburn so bad 8 years ago that it required a trip to the ER and weeks of recovery. It happened because while I put sunscreen on everyone else that day I didn’t put any on myself. Not good.  So FYI, just like when on a plane and they say put the oxygen mask on yourself first, make sure you apply sunscreen to yourself BEFORE you put it on your kids. Here are some tips below to make sure you and your kids are safe from sunburn this summer.

Tips on How to Use Sunscreen Effectively

There are many different brands of sunscreen on the market, including all natural brands. You can also make your own. Which ever you decide to use make sure you apply it liberally and often. Set your phone to remind you to reapply the sunscreen on yourself and your child. You can also buy sunscreen sensor stickers that change color to alert you it’s time to reapply your sunscreen.

Hope you find these tips helpful! Have A Fun and Safe This Summer!

What are Your Tips to Beat the Summer Heat for Kids?


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