Tips for Buying Comfortable Leggings

Everywhere you go nowadays, you will see women in leggings. However, most women do not wear the right size leggings: some are either too tight or too loose.  If you are buying your leggings from an online store, choosing the right size becomes even harder.


If you want to buy the most comfortable leggings for your body type, here are some tips that will come in handy:

Determine your budget

Although leggings are becoming a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes, you should make sure that you have a sensible budget set aside. Shopping can bring out the spendthrift in you and make you spend more money than you can afford to spend. Therefore, before you get out of the house, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend.

Select from different lengths

When you consider your body type, you should be able to buy leggings that accentuate your legs. Typically, there are four different lengths to choose from, including knee, Capri/mid-calf, ankle, and stirrup length. During the hotter months, you should consider investing in shorter leggings and buy the longer ones in colder months.

When you wear them with high heels, stirrup and ankle length leggings will work for any body type. On the other hand, Capri and knee length leggings look better on women with slim legs. If you are short, you should stay away from Capri length leggings, as they cut your body in half, making you seem shorter.

Do you have a pear-shaped body? If you like to wear leggings, you should definitely opt for darker colors because they have a slimming effect.

Know the different types available

Aside from the basic tan, brown, black, and gray colors, you can choose many other different colors. If you like to mix up your colors, you can choose custom printed leggings, which will give you all the color that you need. When it comes to leggings, you can also choose from faux-leather, shiny, plain, printed, and jeggings.

As these items of clothing keep growing in popularity, brands will keep targeting customers with more styles.

Look at the material

With the wide variety of materials available, you need to choose the one that you want in advance. You can opt for cotton, spandex, Lycra, or wool. You should ask for help from the sales personnel at the store before settling on a particular material.

Leggings need to be comfortable to the hilt. Therefore, it is important for you to look at the stitching as it might affect your level of comfort. If you plan to wear your leggings as a substitute for pants, you need to make sure that they are thick and cannot be seen through.

Look at a size chart

You should always remember that one size does not fit all. Everyone has unique bodily features and wears different sizes as a result. To make sure that you are buying your right size, you should consult with a salesperson to help you with the measurements.

Once you figure out the right size for you, take those leggings and the ones that are a size up to the fitting room. Many legging brands are not sized according to a number system, but a ‘small, medium, and large’ system. For this reason, you need to consult the size chart that comes with the leggings that you want to buy.


Once you find the right size leggings, you should pair them with a long shirt or t-shirt to avoid showing your bottom. They are not a substitute for pants and should not be paired with short tops.


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