Top 3 Times I Needed A Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

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Walgreen Healthcare Clinic  Top 3

As a mom, time is something we do not have a lot of. Between work, kids, housework, and all the other 101 things that have to be taken care of on a daily basis, finding the time to go to the doctor just doesn’t seem always possible. This is why I am so thankful for the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic.

Health Physicals

Walgreen Healthcare Clinic Physicals


When we lived in Pennsylvania my oldest son became of age to get his drivers permit. However, in that state you had to have a physical card to take to the DMV. At the time we did not have a primary physician. While looking for options I found the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Philadelphia offered health physicals. At the time they were running a special for $30. Both my son and I were pretty happy with this. We didn’t even have to schedule an appointment. I took him after school one day and we were in and out in less than an hour.

Non-Urgent Medical Care

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic UTI

Ever since I was a little girl I have suffered from urinary track infections. I got them so frequently as a child that I became immune to the most common antibiotic used to treat them. Over the years, thankfully, I have gotten them less and less. However, every once in a while one will sneak up on me. When we moved back to Florida a little over a year ago I did not have insurance and lucky me I got a UTI. I tried to treat it at home with over the counter meds, lots of water, and cranberry juice. Sadly, it did not work. Instead of going to the ER, I went to the local Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Tampa and was able to get the one antibiotic that works for me. The best part is it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Nurse Practitioner was able to give me a prescription for the generic version which cost a lot less.

Health Management & Prescription Refills

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Inhaler

One of the other services that Walgreens Healthcare Clinics offer is Health Management. As someone who was born with Asthma and who has been hospitalized many times because of it, this is a life saver. Throughout my marriage there have been many times that I have not had health insurance for one reason or another.  Asthma, however, doesn’t really care if you have insurance or not. The one thing that I always carry with me is my inhaler. When I have needed a refill I have been able to go to the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic and get a refill. You can’t imagine the anxiety and fear that comes from not being able to breathe. Knowing that I can get an inhaler refill when I need one is such a relief. They also offer health management for other illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Website

The next time you are in need of seeing a doctor check out the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics site to see if you have one in your area. The time and money you will save will allow you to get back to what is most important to you.

Have You Ever Used a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic?


  1. We use places like the Walgreens clinic and urgent care offices frequently — especially for my husband’s asthma (when non-life threatening). We are lucky to have some 24 hour ones Sometimes it takes SO long to get an appointment with the usual family practitioner. My only wish is that these were around when my kids were little….I would have MUCH rather went this route for many of our visits.

  2. We use the Walgreens clinic all the time! They are great when I get sick!

  3. I love that Walgreens offers so many health services. I didn’t know that the clinic offered so much!

  4. We have a Walgreens right down the street from us (about a mile, walking distance if need be) and while we haven’t had to use them for any type of medical emergency, it sure is good knowing there is a solution close by.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. I had no clue that Walgreen has a clinic.

  6. A physical to get a driver’s license?! I’ve never heard of that – what a pain! I’m such a fan of all the services the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics offer! #client

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