5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Stay Organized This School Year (Giveaway)

5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Organized This School Year ~ Mabel's Labels Giveaway


School is in full swing across the country and parents are knee-deep in carpools and homework woes. One of the top challenges that parents face (me included) is keeping my kids organized. Through my 21 years of parenting I have learned a few tips and tricks that can help with this. From time management to Mabel’s Labels my top 5 tips will help you get your kids organized for a more successful school year.

5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Stay Organized This School Year

5 Tips to Help Get Yiour Kids Organized ~ Desk

1. Have a Homework Spot ~ This can be a desk or your kitchen table or where ever works best for you and your child. Having a designated place for homework will help keep all your child’s school work and supplies in one place.

2014-09-16 09.20.55 2. Set a Bedtime ~ You may be asking how this helps with organization but think about it. When we get enough sleep we are able to think clearer and are able to figure things out quicker. Not to mention you are in a better mood. All of these things help your child to be more organized and stay on task.

20140916_101107-1 3. Color Coordinate Folders and Notebooks For Each Subject ~ This little gem of advice I learned when my oldest started middle school. He is so disorganized all the time. (I seriously don’t know where he gets it from LOL). So to help him out we chose a different color for each class and bought folder and notebooks for each class in those colors. It took him about a week or two to remember which color was for which class but after that he could grab what he needed and get to class on time.

4. Clean Out Their Book Bag or Folders Every Week ~ This tip is also for parents to stay on top of how well their child is doing in school in school as well. My kids are notorious for forgetting to give me papers that need to be signed or field trip permission slips that need to be filled out. By going through their book bag every week you get the chance to look through their graded work to see if there are things you can be working more on at home as well as declutter their book bag. It also gives them a fresh organized start to every week.

Mabel's Labels Stylish Scholars Combo Pack

5. Label EVERYTHING ~ With 3 kids in school there is always the constant fighting over where stuff is and saying something belongs to them that might not be theirs. This is especially true with my youngest 2 who are girls and only 17 months apart. Being to close in age they like the same things all the time. To save money I usually buy bigger packs of things and split them between the two girls. To stop the fighting we label EVERYTHING!! This is especially true with school supplies. So when I was asked by Mabel’s Label if I could like to review their new Stylish Scholars Back to School Combo I couldn’t say YES fast enough.
The Stylish Scholar Combo includes:

Stylish Scholars Skinny-Minis Labels• 40 Skinny-Minis™

Mabel's Labels Stylish Scholars Tag Mates• 50 Tag Mates™

Mabel's Labels Stylish Scholar Round Labels• 16 Round Labels

Mabel's Labels Stylish Scholar Teeny Tags• 2 Teeny Tags™

The Stylish Scholars Combo pack has enough labels for everything you need labeled. The round ones are perfect for sports equipment including cleats. They Rounds and Teeny Tags are made to last and are waterproof and UV resistant. Labeling has been a life saver for our family. My kids have lost jackets and even electronics at school but because they were labeled we got them back.

So there ya have it my top 5 Tips for helping your kids stay organized this school year. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! The awesome folks at Mabel’s Labels are allowing me to give away 1 of the Stylish Scholars Combo packs to 1 of my readers!! How awesome is that??? All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below so Good Luck!!

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  1. We love Mabel’s Labels! They help us from having mix ups at play dates since the kids ask have similar toys/water bbottles/etc.

  2. To LABEL their items!

  3. Tracy Pryor says:

    My son has a special place that he puts his bookbag and shoes everyday. This way we don’t have to search in the morning.

  4. My tip is to have their work in folders and binders.

  5. Color coding for their classes to keep notebooks, folders, binders and books organized.

  6. Alex Charlton-Kral says:

    Getting ready the night before

  7. Amy Heffernan says:

    Keep things simple. I find baggies work great for keeping kids things organized

  8. Bailey Dexter Parr says:

    We do labelling as well as a list on the chalk board in the porch.

  9. Routine, set homework time, bath time etc

  10. Tammy Dalley says:

    I always label their supplies!

  11. Chris Stockford says:

    To LABEL their items!

  12. We have special places to put their things away (like backpack, homework, shoes, etc.). It helps keep ME organized too!

  13. Labeling helps! My Son just started JK and I not only label his clothes, shoes etc but we label his snacks 1&2.

  14. We try to have space for all their school things by the front door.

  15. Having things labeled is the best way to keep their stuff organized.

  16. tina reynolds says:

    We take it one thing/step at a time master keeping that straight then move on

  17. We label everything and put everything back once you’re done.

  18. By helping them set up a system for everything so they know where everything goes.

  19. Coloring coding things works well with my kids because they are visual learners.

  20. susan smoaks says:

    my organization tip is to keep everything in it’s place then you never have to look for things. put them away as soon as you get home.

  21. My tip is always leave things in the same place so you can find it when you need it!

  22. put them away when you are done with it

  23. Laurie Emerson says:

    My best tip to helping keeping organized is the old rule my mom taught me.a place for everything and everything in its place. We are really doing pretty good by having everything put away when done, especially homework papers and supplies going into the backpacks when done.

  24. Lisa Garner says:

    We have labeled folders for all important paperwork from school to keep it organized.

  25. I help my kids stay organized by having a little table where they keep all their school work. All the stuff that needs to be turned in, would be on top of their designated space.

  26. MARIA simon says:

    Getting ready the night before

  27. Melanie Comello says:

    Aside from the obvious labeling lol, one of my biggest things is making sure we’re keeping school stuff separated from anything else! It might sound like an obvious thing to do, but some would be amazed by what the little ones can mix in there lol.

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