Add Northpole Magic to Your Elf on the Shelf Tradition

cbias disclosure Add Northpole Magic to Your Elf on the Shelf Tradition Thanks to HallmarkThis year marks our 5th year of having Elves visit the kids. As you can imagine our elves have done many fun, crazy, and outrageous things. If you have your own Elf on the Shelf chances are you know that sometimes the elves get lost or forget to move a night or two. To help make sure that doesn’t happen this year we are adding a little Northpole Magic from Hallmark to our Elf on the Shelf Tradition.

Our Elf On The Shelf Tradition

Elf on the Shelf RosieOur tradition of Elf on the Shelf started in 2010. My girls Abbie and Emma had heard that you could get an elf to visit your house. In order to get your elf you had to write a letter to Santa. So that is what they did. The next day a magical elf showed up at our house with a letter from Santa. In the letter Santa told them that they had to name their elf. So the girls named the new elf Rosie. That year she had quite the adventure. As you can see she loves to gift wrap so one night she gift wrapped the television. On another night she apparently was too hot so she made an igloo and had a camp out in the freezer. Rosie was a pretty good builder if I do say so myself.

Rosie and Angel Elf on the ShelfThe following holiday season brought some extra fun. Santa sent Rosie’s little sister to come learn how to be a magical elf. In the letter that the new elf had Santa said that the girls did such a great job taking care of Rosie that he thought that Rosie’s little sister should come to visit with her. Again the girls got to name the new elf. They named her Angel. Together Rosie and Angel decorated the house, brought gifts, got into mischief, and brightened every day of the holiday season. Since we are now on the 5th year I decided that we needed to add some extra special Northpole magic to our holiday tradition.

Hallmark Northpole Magic

Early this month my family watched the the Northpole movie on the Hallmark Channel. My girls loved the Northpole Communicator that Kevin used to talk to Clementine the elf who was located in the Northpole. When they saw the commercial above and learned that they could get their very own Northpole Communicator they begged me to get one. So off to Walmart we went the next day.

Northpole Magic at WalmartThe girls were so excited with all the cool Northpole toys and items that were available at Walmart. They wanted one of everything. LOL
Hallmark Northpole toysThey really wanted the Avalauncher until they saw the Magic Snowballs.

After playing with the huge pile of Magic Snowballs they tried to convince me that they needed me to buy a whole cart full. I told them that I didn’t think we needed that many. After looking at all the items we finally came to a decision on the which items we were going to buy.

Our Northpole Magic for our Elf on the Shelf
We bought the Northpole Communicator so they could chat with Santa, The Once Upon a Northpole Christmas book with the Find Me, Santa Ornament (since we moved this year they wanted to make sure Santa could find us), and the Bake like a Elf set (since we know our elves loves to bake). Not pictured are the 3 Magic Snowballs that they have not stopped playing with since we bought.

This holiday season is sure to be fun and exciting for our girls. With Rosie and Angel set to come visit on December 1st and our new Hallmark Northpole Magic items the possibilities for fun and mischief are endless. Make sure you check the blog daily throughout the month on December to see just what our Elves have been up too.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house?

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  1. Sounds like your house is going to have a bunch of fun and excitement this December!! I think the new items will be the perfect compliment to your busy elves! #client

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