Star Wars Rebels Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak & Free Printables

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Star Wars Rebels Sneak Peak & Free Activity Printables

Another amazing opportunity I had while on my Disney Press Trip was to get a behind the scenes sneak peak at Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion. We were able to watch the first few episodes and interview the amazing cast. For this post I will be sharing my interviews with Freddie Prinze Jr who plays Kanana and Dave Filoni who is the executive producer of Star Wars Rebels. I also have some fun free Star Wars Rebels printables that your kids will love.

Star Wars Rebels Sneak Peak

I have to start out by saying I am or was NOT a huge cartoon lover. Sure as a mom I watch Disney channel more than any other channel but I don’t really pay attention. So when I first heard that we would be screening Star Wars Rebels I wasn’t overly excited. However, after watching the first 2 episodes I am hooked. Like I have already set my DVR and will be watching the premiere AGAIN with excitement with my family tonight. It really is a fantastic show. Below is an extended Sneak Peak of Star Wars Rebels for you to see what I mean.

See what I mean?? Soooo Good!

Freddie Prinze Jr & Dave Filoni Interview

Star Wars Rebels Interview Picture Freddie Prinze Jr & Dave Filoni

photo by Louise Bishop

After we screened Star Wars Rebels we headed over to do Interviews with the cast and executive producer. (I have to tell ya this is one time I am super happy that I am tall! 🙂 ) Both Freddie and Dave are such kind hearted, friendly men. You would think walking into a room full of women would be a bit scary but they did awesome.

How Star Wars Rebels Came to Be:

Q: Star Wars is such a legacy, a huge franchise. How did it feel to be a part of that?

Freddie Prinze Jr:  I didn’t know it was Star Wars. It was — it was titled Wolf Pack. And you’ll have to speak to him about that. But I went in and I saw some Character breakdowns on the wall at Disney and I looked at them and I’m thinking, these guys are either ripping off Star Wars real bad or this is a Star Wars thing.

Q: What made you want to do this project?

Dave Filoni: Well you know, we were kind of wrapping up the Series, Clone Wars with the — with the big Disney purchase, you know, it was time for a change and um, you know, Fans, you know, felt very strongly about the Show. It didn’t air so long, so many years.  But in all honesty, it just felt like something that we probably shouldn’t continue without George. It was just a part of him and his creation and working with him was like the greatest learning experience I’ve ever had. So we wanted to come up with something new that represented this kind of new era for Star Wars and working with, Lucas Films Story team, we all quickly came up with the idea of Star Wars Rebels. The Story Team introduced the idea to make an A-Team like scenario and it just makes sense. And one of the greatest things I think we’ve had early on at Lucas Films are the people that Kathleen Kennedy has brought in. We’ve all gotten along really well and collaborated really well. We all feel the same way about Star Wars and even more so for people like Cary Hart, who’s Head of Story at Lucas Film. I know she feels the same way about Lucas Film that I do. You know, it was something that was very special to us as kids growing up, when we could see that logo at the beginning of a story, we would go this is gonna be different, you know, this is gonna give you the special feeling. I can’t really put it into words. It was hopeful, it was exciting. You saw things you’d never seen before on screen and uh, so we’re all about trying to continue that legacy now.

Having Strong Female Roles in Star Wars Rebels:

Q: How did strong female roles become apart of the Star Wars Rebels story?

Dave Filoni: Yeah, I think that it’s a strange word to use but like it’s just a necessity. I think most Creatives you speak to right now would say that if they had a choice to tell a story, they would use a Female Lead. I think some people feel that the stories have been told,with the guys. We did Ahsoka in Clone Wars.

Freddie Prinze Jr: I was gonna say, Clone Wars is a good example where we can show good and evil, strong, powerful women at a young age to a more young Adult age as far as young Female Protagonists. They did Clone Wars big time, both good and evil.

Dave Filoni: Yeah, so we didn’t want to repeat Luke so we did Ahsoka. And then we did Ezra cause we didn’t want a repeat of Ahsoka, so instead we made the Women Characters ones that didn’t have the force, ones that could be tough on their own. So when we direct like Hara, I say, I want you to say and be and do any of the lines you would have given Hans Solo. I don’t want you to change them in any way. You know, I want this Character as
a Being that would react like Clint Eastwood when he got shot. Don’t make her, don’t diminish in any way or color it any way that you think has traditionally been. You see, I get schooled on this on a daily basis at home by my Wife and honestly, she’s a way better Storyteller than I am..
…I have two Nieces. I want them to have Heroes to look up to, um like I did. So I just think it’s a great time for it. And I think the Audience is very ready for it but I think they’ve been ready for a long time.

Character Developement:

Q: How was the casting process?

Dave Filoni: So we met everybody when they came in and uh, we just brought in a group of people and pretty much without fail, Simon Kinberg, Greg Weisman and I always would give high marks to the same people…. I can see a lot of people might have the Acting chops but you have to have the personality. Plus all the fans, the Star Wars Fans, I think an important part of being an Actor in Star Wars is you have to accept the exposure to our fans and I want you to treat them with respect cause they’ll treat you with respect for the most part. And I mean, they’ve all been great…Vision, to me Freddie’s kind of like a Star Wars goal, he gets it. He gets the attitude. He gets the kind of way that– You get the swagger, my friend. That kind of Hans Solo thing.

Freddie Prinze Jr: It’s a Generation thing though like it’s in your — it’s a genetic thing when you’re around our age like it’s just, you know, that was back when Wrestling was real. So it’s just, it’s ingrained and it’s a part of you so you know, you read lines and I’m literally, like before I even talked to him like I know exactly how he wants me to say that because I remember this from “Empire Strikes Back” when they’re– You
know what I mean and like you just get the vibe of who you’re kind of summoning as you’re sort of figuring out who this — who this sort of Rebel Jedi is. Cause he’s not — he’s not the normal Jedi. He’s not together. He doesn’t have it all figured out. He has maybe 3 answers.

How is Star Wars Rebels Made

Q: How is the recording process?

Freddie Prinze Jr: We read together like we’re in the room at the same time. It’s a very collaborative process. It’s very Breakfast Clubby, you know what I mean, like we do everything in order. It is, they shot that Movie like a Play basically. The scenes in the beginning and end were the only things they shot out of order. The rest of that Movie was all together and that’s — that’s kind of how we record.

Returning to Acting

Q: What brought you to audition for this role?

Freddie Prinze Jr:It’s weird. I’ve taken a step back from Acting when we had — when we had kids and I didn’t want to leave Los Angeles anymore. I wanted to be present. Since they shoot anything in Los Angeles, that was sort of that. And uh, so it became very easy to not work and I was starting to get kind of creatively antsy and I did a couple of voices on Video Games which these days are way more drawn out than Mario Bros. You know what I mean? You do a voice for Mario and it’s like ‘Hey look at me.’ Then you work on a Video Game today and it’s 6 months worth of work. And I really started getting hungry and those acting juices started flowing again….
Then I heard that I got it. And it’s just this very surreal moment, you know. And I’m sure it was different for Vanessa, for Steve, certainly for Taylor, Arden. We’re generationally so far apart. For me, I mean, I slipped down the Slide when I was 4 years old with a broken Flagpole cause I was Luke and my Cousin was Darth Vader. I have to be specific, there are so many back then it was only one. But uh, you know, the Pole hit the ground first and it stuck in my chin and my Mom ran out and my Chin blew out. And you know, she flipped and threw me in the car and took me to the hospital and they stitched this little scar I have here. I had 16 stitches and it looked like I had a little goatee and I was only 4.

This interview was amazing. It was so interesting to me to learn more about the story and how the show came to be. I love the fact that they have strong female roles in the show because as a Star Wars fan and a mom of girls I see those roles less and less. I want my girls to know they can be (pardon the expression) badasses too.  I highly recommend you watch this show with your family. It really is one both kids and adults will love.

Star Wars Rebels Free Activity Printables

Star Wars Rebels Free Activity Printables

Click on the titles to download your own Free #StarWarsRebels Activity Printables.

Ezra and Sabine Coloring Sheet

Rebel Word Search

Imperial Force Word Search

Draw a Storm Trooper

Draw Sabine

Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion Premieres TONIGHT at 9pm on Disney XD!


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