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• No refunds
• Advertisements geared to women, moms, children, families only
• NO landing pages to adult sites
• All users must land on the same page
• Ads must be grammatically correct
• Ads cannot offend based on race, gender, sexual preference, or disability
• No spam ads


~ In order to give an accurate review of need a full size sample of the product. I will not be responsible for the shipping of the product to be reviewed.
~ Product to be reviewed must have a value of at least $50.
~ The product sample will not be shipped back. It will be used to give you the best review possible.
~ You must allow 2-6 weeks for me to be able to do the review.
~ I will notify you when I receive the product sample as well as when a review is posted. If for some reason I am unable to give your product or service a positive review I will contact you instead of posting about it. I will not post or tweet a negative review without first getting your approval.
~ I would be more than happy to offer my readers a chance to win your product or service.
~ I will not be responsible for shipping the product for the giveaway. I will provide you with the winner of the giveaway so that you may ship the item directly to them. Please do not ship the item to me. I do ask that the item be shipped to the winner within 10-14 business days from when the winner has been announced and you being notified of the winner.

You can use the contact form above to contact me or if you prefer you may email me directly at