Bella Thorne in the Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie

Bella Thorne in Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie #VeryBadDayEvent

Being a mom of 2 girls who LOVE the Disney Channel and all the shows on it, I was pretty familiar with Bella Thorne. In fact my youngest Emma HAD to have a pair of platform Shake It Up sneakers for school this year. So when I saw Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day I thought she would be much like her character I saw on the show. Boy was I wrong but in a really good way.

 Bella Thorne in the new Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie

Bella Thorn in Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie

In the new Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie Bella Thorne plays Celia a beautiful, self-assured and poised for high school royalty. Her ability to handle his bad day is questionable at best—particularly if it means her perfect prom plans are compromised in any way. While many may think she plays a mean girl she really doesn’t. She is a very typical teenage girl and I truly appreciate her character. Her what she thinks about her role in her interview below.

Q: What was your most fun scene to shoot?

Bela Thorne: The most fun scene to shoot was probably when we were in the car with Steve and everybody’s making those loud noises. Uh, well, um, it was cool, because Steve’s obviously funny and he knows that, but, in this scene, it was just so weird and so funny. Um, but it was so weird that I’m sitting in a car with Steve Carell and he’s just being ridiculous.  And it’s so funny. And we’re all — I’m not — I’m the one that’s supposed to be really not laughing, and it — Dylan starts laughing. He starts like kind of cracking up. Then Ed. And then comes me laughing — because they’re right next to me, and I just can’t help but laugh now. And I was like guys, stop, stop, you’re making me laugh. And — it was so funny. It was actually really fun to shoot.

Q: Being the mean girl is kind of a departure for you. So, I mean what were you channeling? Some of your own experiences or, how did you find Celia?

Bella Thorne : You can’t think of Celia as a mean character, ’cause she’s not. You have to think of Celia as a perfectionist. Now, you guys are all moms, so let’s say I’ve completely organized these phones all in a very great order, okay, very straight, and somebody comes in and knocks this water over all your guys’ phones. Are you guys gonna be mad?

Us : Yeah.

Bella Thorne : Probably mad. And so, Celia, she’s a perfectionist, and when things don’t go her way, she wants to make them perfect, and when someone keeps messing that up, she ends up getting angry. That’s understandable.

#VeryBadDay with Bella Thorne and Dylan Minnette

Q: What was the hardest part of filming this movie for you?

Bella Thorne : The hardest part about filming this movie is probably the really long hours. Um, I don’t think people realize how much work actually goes in, not just from the cast, because, of course, the cast works hard, but — the crew members. You’re there, you know, you — your scene could be 15 seconds and you look at that scene and you’re like, yeah, whatever, you don’t think anything of it. That scene took 16 hours to shoot. And maybe — a couple days, 16 hours a day. That’s crazy. It’s crazy to work that many hours and it’s crazy to always be on that many hours. So, I think the job is a lot harder than people wanna admit, and so you have to think of it, you know, is your crew — your crew can get [SIGHS]. You know, everybody’s like, oh, we’re doing the skies. We’re doing this take again. Okay. And you’re doing the same thing over and over. And especially with comedy, it’s worse, because comedy falls flat if you do it more than four times. A– and then you’re beating a dead cow — and it’s not funny anymore. And then you get frustrated, ’cause you’re not funny. So, that’s the hardest part about filming — a comedy.

Q : How familiar were you with the book?

Bella Thorne : When the book was really, really famous I was young and I was really uncomfortable having dyslexia at that point. So, I didn’t read it, because I didn’t want to read. Now I’ve read it, and, you know, I’ve read the script, obviously. And the movie, obviously. Um, so, yeah, now I’m familiar with the story.

Q : What drew you to the project?

Bella Thorne : Um, I mean working with Steve and Jennifer is pretty cool,and I like the message of the film at the end.

Q : What was the hardest scene for you to film?

Bella Thorne : Okay. This scene is the dinner scene when Steve gets lit on fire. It’s so hard to film a scene with stunts, you know, hi– it’s, it’s — it’s very hard when you’re doing stunts and tricks. And, you know, everybody’s great and has awesome energy, but I was called in at 4:30 am, and my coverage ended up being last. Because you have to get Ed and some of the kids that are younger than me in the film out earlier than me, they can keep me. So, my coverage was last, and it was — like 11:30, I wanna say, and I was tired.  I’d been doing this scene all day long. There’s a word in the movie and it’s the name — I can’t think of it right now — but it’s the name of, uh, the place that they go do dinner — that weird, weird name. Why couldn’t I have just said Benihana’s? Okay? I would’ve been happier with Beni freakin’ hana’s.  And, um, and I had to say this name, and when you’re dyslexic, you’re usually really good at memorizing, so I’ll read something once and I have it completely memorized. But that word when I first read it, I didn’t say it correctly, and so I was on set and somebody said, no, it’s actually like this. So, I had already memorized it wrong. Um, and they kept trying to get me to do it right. I did maybe 25 takes of that same exact line over and over and every time I got it wrong. Finally, the time that I got it right, Dylan is so overworked, ’cause he’s the other actor in the scene, so it — it’s just as bad as it is for him, and he looks at me and he starts bursting out laughter– ruins the whole take. And I was — [CHUCKLES] Dylan, I might punch you in the face right now. [CHUCKLES] And he just could not help it. So, every time I got it right, he was chuckling, because it just been such a long day.

#VeryBadDay Bella Thorne at the Resturant

Q: I have two teenage girls and so they are very familiar with who you are. So, what, what kind of message do you want as an actress — to two teenage girls who look up to you?

Bella Thorne : Okay — I’m gonna give you a — well, I’m gonna give them a piece of advice that I was given and I wish I would’ve taken it. Growing up, um, on TV — and I really grew up mostly on Shake It Up — and I always tried to be perfect for everybody and I wanted everyone to like me. For some reason, I really cared what other people thought so much and I would do anything to get someone’s stamp of approval. And now that I’m, you know, 17, I really don’t care. I don’t. And I wish I would’ve cared so much, because I changed who I was as a person to be who everybody wanted me to be, and that’s not — a cute look. And you have to realize that I don’t care who you are; I don’t care if you’re in high school and you have glasses and braces and you don’t think you’re cool, people will like you for being you, no matter what. It’s impossible for people not to like you when you’re just being you. It really is. You will find a branch, and I have. I have a great group of friends now and we don’t have to impress each other. I’m not wearing makeup when I’m with them. I look ratchet. I’m looking ratchet when I’m with them. I’m in sweat pants. I am oily, greasy, sweaty. I don’t care. And we don’t have to prove anything to each other. And that’s what’s cool.

I truly love Bella Thorne’s character in this film. She is very real and relatable. I especially love how down to earth Bella is herself. She is sweet, funny, and has a very bright future ahead of her. If you haven’t had a chance to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day get to the theater this week. You will LOVE it I promise.

 Have you seen Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Yet?? If so what did you think of it?

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