Born In China Earth Day Activity Pack & Teachers Guide

It won’t be long now before Earth Day is here. Yes I know much of the country is deep into winter but I prefer to look ahead at spring and summer (which is my favorite season.) For all you amazing teachers out their Disney Nature’s new film Born in China has a wonderful treat for you.

Born in China Earth Day Packet

Born In China Earth Day Packets

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The Born In China Educator’s Guide includes nearly 80 pages of lessons and activities targeted to grades 2 through 6. The complete
Educator’s Guide and additional educational resources are now available at
The guide introduces students to a variety of topics, including:
• Habitat and Ecosystems
• Biodiversity
• Learned Behaviors
• Communication
• Animal Relationships
• Life Cycle
• Earth’s Systems
• Culture and the Arts
• Making a Positive Difference
for Wildlife Worldwide

The Born In China Activity Packet includes 24 pages of learning an activities that your child will love.

You child will learn about:
• China
• Meet China’s Beloved Icon, The Giant Panda
• Meet The Mysterious Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
• Meet China’s Elusive Big Cat, The Snow Leopard
• Meet China’s Noble Red-Crowned Cranes
• How They Can Make An Impact
• Plus 5 Activities they will Love

After your little one has learned about about China don’t forget to to them to see Born In China when it hits theaters on Earth Day April 21st.

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