Get a Better Night Sleep with Mattress Firm Mattress & Pillow Giveaway

Mattress Firm #VeryBadDay Mattress Giveaway

The amazing folks at Mattress Firm have just launched a great giveaway that is sure you turn any #VeryBadDay into a very good night sleep. They know that as parents we all have some good days and some Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Days. This amazing giveaway should help make the bad days not so bad.

Enter the Mattress Firm Giveaway Now through November 4 and you could win 1 of 21 prizes including

  • One (1) Grand Prize: $5,000, awarded in the form of a check.
  • Ten (10) First Prizes: Beautyrest Recharge Queen Set including queen size mattress and queen size box spring, ARV: $1,099.00.
  • Five (5) Second Prizes: Two standard memory foam Luxury gel Pillows, ARV: $258.00.
  • Five (5) Third Prizes: Queen Luxury Sheet Set, ARV: $169.00

How awesome is that??? Pretty good right!!! Well Wait THERE’s MORE!!!

The FABULOUS folks at Mattress Firm are allowing me to giveaway one of their new amazing Lux Living Memory Foam Gel Pillows which retails for $129.00. The Lux Living Memory Foam Lux Gel Pillow combines the best of both worlds. The cooling Lux Gel creates the perfect sleep surface and puts an end to pillow flipping, while advanced memory foam alleviates pressure points and supports your head and neck for deeper, longer, more restful sleep. Who couldn’t use lots of that??

Lux Living Memory Foam Gel Pillows #VeryBadDay


I am so totally excited to offer this giveaway to you my faithful readers.  To enter all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below!! Good Luck & Don’t forget to Enter BOTH Giveaways!!

Make sure you head to the theater THIS FRIDAY OCTOBER 10th to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! 
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  1. Favorite way to de-stress is to escape on a long walk with the kids, head to the gym for me time or escape with a little mommy tv time.

  2. Mary Happymommy says:

    I like to space out in front of the TV.

  3. Jessica To says:

    I like to get lost in a good book.

  4. EMMA L HORTON says:


  5. After a #VeryBadDay, I relax by reading a book.

  6. I read in bed with some snacks.

  7. trisha kilpatrick says:

    My favorite way to destress after a very bad day is to surf the web, take a hot bath, and drink a half glass of wine before crawling into bed early.

  8. My very favorite way to de-stress after a #VeryBadDay is taking a hot bubble bath and reading a book with candles lite.

  9. My favorite way would be to lay on the couch after a #verybadday

  10. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I zone out on the couch and watch tv

  11. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like to watch a movie to de-stress after a #VeryBadDay

  12. Usually a good nap helps

  13. Amy Pratt says:

    After a very bad day, I sit and watch Ellen with a diet Coke.

  14. Sue Ellison says:

    I love relaxing in a bubble bath after a bad day.

  15. Sue Ellison says:

    I love relaxing in a bubble-bath after a bad day.

  16. April Brenay says:

    A very long bubble bath and putting my favorite music on in the background #VeryBadDay

  17. I get a hug from my boys, then take a nap.

  18. Cynthia C says:

    I like to binge watch great tv shows. Right now I’m into The Black List.

  19. Tari Lawson says:

    I like to take a long hot bath.

  20. I go for a bike ride with my children.

  21. My favorite way to de-stress after a bad day is by taking a hot bath, reading a good book, and enjoying a glass of wine.

  22. Diana Castro says:

    To enter blogs lol.

  23. Shannon F says:

    I love to take a really hot shower and then catch up on my TV shows. 🙂

  24. I love to destress by reading a good book. 🙂

  25. I eat some chocolate

  26. My favorite way is to watch netflix and cuddle with the hubby.

  27. Tanya White says:

    I de-stress by taking a long hot bubble bath.

  28. Cuddle in bed with my husband and fall asleep watching a movie. It would help if my bed wasn’t so uncomfortable 🙂

  29. Doing yoga is my favorite way to destress!


  30. Amy Deeter says:

    lay on the couch and watch tv and go on my laptop

  31. Heather Dawn says:

    I love to sit and relax. ..hopefully in quiet.

  32. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    My Favorite Way To De-stress After #VeryBadDay Is With A Bubble Bath.

  33. I like to relax by reading a book.

  34. Laura Fugate says:

    I like to destress by hanging out on my back deck. The view is amazing.

  35. Sents Saver says:

    I like to take a hot bath and then lay down and watch some of my favorite tv shows!

  36. Birdiebee says:

    Take a hot shower then crawl into bed with a good book.

  37. Kim Keithline says:

    I de stress with a glass of wine and sit in my hot tub under the stars

  38. Janet Jackson says:

    I like to take a hot bath. Then stretch out on the bed with a great book.

  39. Kristin Goodson says:

    A bubble bath, lots of dessert and Netflix!

  40. danielle Marie says:

    i have to go with a nice long bubble bath with candles and a bottle of wine. yes bottle.

  41. Take a walk through the park which is nearby with my wife. Fresh air takes the stress away at the park and I can relax enough to go to bed.

  42. After a very bad day I destress by cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix with my husband.

  43. After a stressful day I either hang out in front of the computer to read blogs, or head up to bed to watch a bit of youtube videos.

  44. Mary Cloud says:

    My favorite way to de-stress is to curl up in bed and turn on a good movie
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  45. If the weather is nice, going for a walk in the park helps me de-stress. In colder winter months, I usually take a warm bath with a good book to de-stress.

  46. I like to take a bath and read a good book.

  47. Penny Snyder says:

    My favorite way to de-stress is with a cup of hot tea & soft music!!~

  48. Taking a hike in the woods always helps…and if bad weather, a nice glass of wine would help.

  49. Nicole C. says:

    My favorite way to de-stress is to get into bed with a good book.

  50. My favorite way is to relax in the tub with a good book.

  51. Just laying in bed alone!

  52. courtney b says:

    I like to take a long hot bath with lots of bubbles and a good book.

    That’s my favorite way to relax

  53. I like to take a long bath after a long day.

  54. if its been a real real bad day then I hide in my room and read the Bible and pray. if its just been a regular bad day then I take a walk to relax.

  55. Tabathia B says:

    Relax on the bed with a good book

  56. Taking a hot bath with a good book.

  57. Christina Sparks says:

    I like to relax, by putting on my pajamas, laying down in bed and putting on a good movie.

  58. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite way to de-stress is a long, hot bubble bath with soft music playing.


  59. Come home and eat a nice meal and enter sweepstakes.

  60. Stacey A Smith says:

    I love to Read and if I’m having a bad day I will reread a book I love.

  61. joe gersch says:

    after a #VeryBadDay i take a shower

  62. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I like to take a warm shower while blasting Country music or 80’s music via Pandora.

  63. tina reynolds says:

    A good movie and my comfy blanket

  64. Theresa D says:

    I like to de-stress with a long bubble bath and a glass of win.

  65. Karen Martin says:

    My favorite way to de-stress after a #VeryBadDay is to go for a walk by myself or watch a TV show that makes me think about the plot. Thanks

  66. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I love a hot bath and a good book.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  67. Carolyn Daley says:

    My favorite way to unwind after a #VeryBadDay is to get my mind off things either by watching a movie or reading a book.

  68. Brittney House says:

    On my rides home from work, I turn on the smooth jazz station on my Pandora and it relaxes me all the time.

  69. RICHARD HICKS says:

    My favorite way to destress is a long relaxing hot bath.

  70. I like to drink a cup of tea and read after a #VeryBadDay

  71. I like to takes baths.

  72. I like to take a bath and go to bed early. 🙂

  73. Terry Bellender says:

    Run hot bath water with bath salts and light scented candles and put on relaxing music flowing through my headphones!

  74. Tammie Venne says:

    changing into my pajamas

  75. Reading

  76. Lisa Garner says:

    My favorite way to stress after a very bad day is a foot massage.

  77. I Like to exercise to destress!

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