Meeting the Kids of the New Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie

#VeryBadDay Interview with Ed Oxenbould, Dylan Minnette, & Kerris Dorsey

On of the things I shared with you all in my post with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner was the admiration and joy that they had for the kids they worked with on Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day movie. You could tell that Steve and Jennifer truly thought the world of their on screen kids. In this day where we are constantly told about young stars in trouble it was so nice to hear that there are still young stars that are on the right path. After interviewing Ed Oxenbould, Dylan Minnette & Kerris Dorsey who play the kids in the new Alexander #VeryBadDay movie I have to agree wholeheartedly that they are genuinely amazing kids. Check out my interview with them.

Kids of the New Alexander Movie Interview

#VeryBadDay Kids Group Picture

Question: What was it like to act with Steve? Was he funny everyday and off camera?

Ed : He wasn’t fun– no, I’m kidding. He was like the funniest person. He could make anything sound fun, anything.

Dylan : It’s effortless.

Ed : Yeah, it’s like just completely–

Dylan : He can say what he’s having for lunch and you’re just like in tears on the floor.

Ed : Yeah, you could And he’ll give you one look. And you will just be in uncontrollable laughter.

Kerris : Yeah, and he’s so like one thing is he’s so smart. He’s such a smart person. I think you ha– you have to be that intelligent in order to be that funny because it’s– It’s so witty and so like impeccable. So that was really cool. You can just tell by looking at him, like talking to him that’s he’s just so smart. And the wheels are always turning.

#VeryBadDay Emily ~ Kerris Dorsey

Q : So a lot in your (KerrisDorsey) role in the film, you were sick. I just wondered if you had any good tips for us in case we wanted to take a sick day?

Kerris : Um, I feel like if I ever get like sick and sound sick my parents are gonna be like, no, mm-mm, we know your tricks. It’s all about the voice I’ve found. So it’s like– you really have to sort of like– it’s more like nasally. So it’s like back in your throat and then in your nose. So anything like– M’s have to be B-sounding. So it’s just sort of like, I don’t know, I just watched a lot of You Tube videos of people talking when they’re sick.

Ed : (Youtube Search for) “How to talk sick”.

Kerris : Yeah, no, just like people when they’re sick. People post videos of themselves in any, you know, capacity. So there are literally people like, hey, I’m sick today. You know, and you just listen to it. Um, so yeah, it’s all about the voice.

Dylan : Can you believe her sick voice, though? Like, uh, every day on set I was like how are you doing this?

Kerris : I would go home, and I would be like, hey, Just– [STAMMERS] hey, so, my sister, I’d be like, hey, Justine. Andshe’s like what’s wrong with your voice? It’s like, oh, recalibrating– [LAUGHTER] go back to normal.

#VeryBadDay Alexander ~ Ed Oxenbould

Q : Ed, what about you? Learning an English accent, so how was that for you?

Ed : An American?

Q : I’m sorry American accent. [LAUGHTER]

Ed : Um, it was pretty hard. But also kind of easy at the same time ’cause I’m–  I was brought up on American film. Because there’s a lot of American TV, a lot of American film in Australia. So it’s not like it’s a completely different, um, accent that I’m kind of thinking, well, it’s American. I knew what it was. But it was a little rough around the edges. Actually, it was really bad. So– [LAUGHTER] so I had training. And, um, I just I learned all the little tips and tricks on just to sound authentic.

 Kerris : Sometimes I would forget that you were Australian. Well, I mean I knew, but like ’cause I forget that when I’m talking to him now like after we were filming it was just like, oh, that’s your– your real voice. You have an Australian accent ’cause it was so good. It was so impeccable.

#VeryBadDay Anthony ~ Dylan Minnette

Q : Have any of you experienced anything similar to what, you know, happened to you in the film either in high school proms or driver’s training? Anything like that?

Dylan : Well, Kerris has yet to do her driver’s test. So maybe– so maybe–

Ed : Well, don’t jinx it.

Kerris : Well, oh, shut up.

Dylan : No, I– I actually aced my driver’s test luckily. I, uh, what else happens to me? I’ve never knocked a trophy case over.

Kerris : I feel like we exorcized it all out of our systems when we filmed it because we just got out– we’re like, well, this can never happen to us in real life ’cause we just did it. So that’s nice.

Ed : If– if it does happen we’re preparing

Kerris : Yeah, and you’re right. We know how to react. And we know how to sort of adapt to it. But you know, those days where you wake up. And you’re sick. And then everything falls down in front of you, and you trip over things. It’s– those days happen to me all the time. Yeah.

Dylan : All the time.

Q : What was the hardest scene for each of you to keep your composure in?

Dylan : The scene outside the van at the DMV when we were all yelling at each other.

Kerris : Oh my God, yes, that was so–

Ed : Ohhhhhh.

Kerris : When we had to ice–

Ed : We spent a whole day filming there.

Kerris : We had to isolate it so that, you know, you could hear the sound of every– so we didn’t have to like go back in post and do it. So Dylan would do his part. And we would all have to like mime talking. And then when Steve did his part, literally, I could not– you had to be normal and like yelling at him.

Dylan : Well, he was like yelling at me like about crashing the van improvising. And I’m off camera. And I’m just– feel so bad ’cause I’m near tears on the ground laughing. And he’s still yelling at me on camera not breaking character. It was just– that was so difficult.

Kerris : Oh my God. I just wanted them to like never call cut so we could just keep going. It would’ve been funny for like two more hours if– at the least.

#VeryBadDay Finale Scene

Q : What was your take away personally for each and every one of you from this movie working with fabulous, you know, cast and the director–?

Kerris : This was our take away. this friendship.

Dylan : Aw!

Ed : Yeah.

Dylan : Get out. Uh, no, really, though, I mean I– it’s– honestly, it– that’s true because I– I can’t– now that we’ve done this, I can’t imagine not doing it because we have becomesuch good friends that I literally can’t imagine not having the experiences that we’ve had after filming. Like it’s so– it’s such, uh, a strange thought that we all just happ– it was kinda like fate. It’s kinda weird to say. But it really was fate because we– we’re really close.

Kerris : It’s cool to have a movie that, you know, you are proud of and you enjoyed making. And then literally to walk away and go I’m like– my life would be completely different if I hadn’t done that movie ’cause I wouldn’t have met the people I met and had the experiences that I have. So, yeah, we’re– it’s very dear to our hearts I think.

I am so blown away by how genuine, funny, and kind hearted this kids are. I really wanted to just bring them home with me. Of course I didn’t but the mom in me wanted too! 🙂 In case you haven’t seen the trailed for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day check it out below:

Are you going to go see the Alexander #VeryBadDay Movie this weekend??


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