Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Bonus Sneak Peak & Sarah Hyland Interview (Giveaway)

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Bonus Content Exclusive for #SleepingBeauty with Sarah Hyland #DisneyInHomeEvent

During my AMAZING tour of the Walt Disney Home in on my Disney Press trip I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Sarah Hyland. You may know her as Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom Modern Family but she is also a HUGE Disney Fanatic. In celebration of the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition, which is in stores TODAY, I got the chance to sit down with her and chat about the bonus content in the new DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. 

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Bonus Content


The new Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition is a must have for Disney Fans. Not only does it have a the beautifully remastered classic Sleeping Beauty but it full over over 2 hours of bonus content. The bonus content includes deleted scenes, The Art of Evil: Generations of Disney Villains, @DisneyAnimation: Artist in Motion, and so much more. My favorite is the Once Upon a Parade with Sarah Hyland but I tell you more about that in just a bit.

Some of the bonus content includes how the movie Maleficent came to be. Here are a few clips from the Blu-Ray about this:

As you can see the character of Maleficent went through changes before you saw the final product you saw in Sleeping Beauty. I think they did a beautiful job of bringing Maleficent with life with Angelina Jolie. There really is no other person as perfect for the role as her.

Sarah Hyland

When Sarah why approached about possibly doing a bonus feature for the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition she enthusiastically said yes. She has been a huge lover of Walt Disney ever since she was little. Of course living in California and visiting Disneyland all the time doesn’t hurt either. Below is a sneak peak of her bonus feature Once Upon a Parade.

I love her as Ally in this story. One of the things I was surprised to learn from Sarah was that she didn’t get to visit Walt Disney World in Florida until she was 22. She is almost 24 now so that was only like 2 years ago. Totally Shocking Right?? I asked her which park was her favorite now that she has been to both and she said “Both parks are amazing and have their own unique special, magical parts to them but I think I am partial to Disneyland because of the rich history of Walt Disney.” You could tell from talking to her that she truly appreciates and loves the dream and vision that Walt Disney had to create a place where adults and kids alike could come and have fun. I feel the same way about Walt.

Another fun fact we learned is that she helped create Ally’s look for the Once Upon a Parade feature. Some of the clothes came from her own closet. That says to me that she really cared alot about this project. Although my time with her was brief it was so wonderful to speak to someone in the younger generation who really gets what Walt Disney was all about. I’ve always like her on Modern Family but after meeting her I am now a true fan!

Sarah Hyland Interview for #SleepingBeauty #DisneyInHomeEvent


So I have a some great news about the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition!!!! I have a copy to giveaway to you my fabulous readers!!!! All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below!! Good Luck!!

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  1. Shemp DeYoung says:

    I’ve been to Disney World many times, but so far not to DL. I really enjoy Animal Kingdom. Looking forward to seeing the new things they have done in Fantasyland on our next trip.

  2. Shannon F says:

    I’ve been to both and I love Disney World more! 🙂

  3. shelly peterson says:

    I have been to Disney Land once but that was like 30 years ago. I’m sure it has changed tremendously, back then my favorite ting was the pirates of the Caribbean.

  4. Matt Stringham says:

    I have only been to disneyland, but I love it because it feel it is Walts park. It is special to me and I cannot imagine disneyworld would feel the same.

  5. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I like Walt Disney World better because it s bigger.

  6. Mary Happymommy says:

    I’ve only been to Disney World. I enjoyed Epcot!

  7. I’ve been to both, but Disneyland is my favorite.

  8. I feel so deprived because I’ve never been to either one. But my brother just moved to Florida so now I have an excuse to go to Disney World.

  9. April Brenay says:

    I’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World. I like both for difference reasons, Disneyland has more detail in their rides, but disney world has more rides.

  10. I have been to both parks. I think I like Disney World better…maybe I just have better memories there. I like the tea cups the best.

  11. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Have Never Been To Disney World Or Disney Land.. I Imagine I’d Love Meeting All The Characters From My Favorite Disney Movies.

  12. Mariaelena says:

    I’ve never gone before but plan on going in January!

  13. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I’ve only been to Disney World….my favorite part was the Blizzard Beach water park!

  14. Maria Malaveci says:

    Have only ever been to Walt Disney World. My favorite of the parks is the Magic Kingdom, and it is because well, it is exactly that, MAGICAL. We most recently went right before Christmas and it was such a joy to see my son and daughters faces light up when it started snowing, and seeing the Castle for the first time!

  15. I love both of them! I like how Disney World has Epcot, and Disney Land has California Adventure!

  16. I have been to Disney World about 5 times and have never been to Disneyland. My favorite part of Disney World is Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. I also loved taking my daughter to Bippity Boppity Boutique there last time we visited.

  17. I have never been to either.

  18. I haven’t been to either!!

  19. I have only been to Disney world but my favorite part was the Haunted Mansion

  20. Ben (Ada) says:

    I’ve been to Disney Land. I loved Space Mountain.

  21. Susan DeVaux says:

    I have only been to Disneyland and I love it. Space mountain and the castle are my favorite parts.

  22. Dianne Hall says:

    I went to Disneyworld when I was younger and had a blast. We took our son to Disneyland last year and also had a great time, but I like Disneyworld better.

  23. Charity Cram says:

    I have been to Disney World. I love it all! Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom and the Safari ride in Animal kingdom are two of my favorite rides =)

  24. I’ve only been to Disney World, and I LOVE Epcot!

  25. bill norris says:

    thats the saddest thing….ive never been….

  26. I’ve only been to Disney World. We went last year and my favorite part was Fantasy Land in the Magic Kingdom.

  27. I’ve never been to either

  28. Heather Dawn says:

    I have only been to Disney World. I love Fantasyland.

  29. I haven’t been to either 🙁

  30. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I haven’t been to either but I wanna go to Disneyworld.

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