Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups With Fruit Recipe

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups with Fruit

As a mom I worry about the amount of sugar my kids consume. Whether it is from something they drink or something they eat I try to keep their sugar intake to a minimum. Recently I was introduced to Rooibee Red Tea and Rooibee Roo. My entire family LOVES it. My husband who isn’t a tea drinker really likes the Watermelon Mint Tea, which honestly surprised me. The kids brand Rooibee Roo not only tastes great but I feel good giving it to my kids. It is only 56 calories per bottle and has only 12g of sugar and 15g of sodium. That is a win-win to me.  The other day while in the grocery store a recipe idea came to me. After I made it and the kids loved it I decided to share the recipe… Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups With Fruit. They are perfect for Back to School Lunches. There are so many possible fruit combinations I promise your kids will find one they love.

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups with Fruit Recipe


Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups Ingredients


  • 2 Rooibee Roo Orange, cold (If you can’t find it in your local health food store you can order it on line HERE)
  • 2 envelopes of gelatine
  •  1 15oz can of Mandarin Oranges in juice
  • 5 Mini round containers


1. Pour 1 and 1/2 bottles of the Rooibee Roo Orange into a microwave safe bowl. (1 bottle is 1 cup. So it is 1 1/2 cups of Rooibee Roo) Microwave for 3 minutes.

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups 1


2. While the microwave is going poor the remaining Rooibee Roo into a bowl and add the gelatine. Mix well. Let Stand for 1 minute.

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups step 2


3.  Add the HOT Rooibee Roo Orange to the Rooibee Roo Gelatin Mix. Stir well. Set aside for 5 minutes to allow gelatine to fully dissolve.

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups Step 3


4. While you wait, drain the Mandarin oranges and put 4-5 oranges into 5 mini round storage cups. (As you can see by the pic below I did 6 but the mix only fills 5 🙂 )

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups Step 45. Carefully fill each cup with the Rooibee Roo Gelatin mixture. ( I poured the mixture into a measuring cup with a spout for better control over filling each cup.)

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups Step 5


6. Once each cup is fill cover and refrigerate for 2 -3 hours or until completely set. Then Enjoy!!

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cup Taste Test

Rooibee Roo Gelatin Cups Kids Love

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