Disney Shake It Up I <3 Dance Review

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Disney Shake It Up I heart Dance


Are you kids obsessed with Disney’s Shake It Up like mine are?? Do they get up and dance during the show and sing the theme song in their sleep?? Well your kids are going to be over the moon than because Disney has just released the new Shake It Up: I <3 Dance!!

Girls Will Be Girls

My girls Abbie and Emma are you typical girlie girls in many ways. They love to dance and sing just about every day. Abbie LOVES LOVES LOVES to sing the theme song to every show she watches. In fact most of the time I don’t even have to ask what she is watching because she is singing a song from the show that I recognize. Emma LOVES to dance and does so whether we are walking to bus or she is going to the bathroom.

When these two worlds collide such as in the show Shake It Up there is no way to keep them sitting down or being quite. I think that my girls are very much like CeCe played by Bella Thorne and Rocky played by Zendaya. Emma is the fun loving crazy idea having CeCe and Abbie is much more the thinking with a serious passion for performing like Rocky. Together they are amazing.

Shake it Up I <3 Dance


As you can see there are 11 awesome tracks with a bonus remix with Bridgit Mendler on the Shake It Up I <3 Dance CD.. Also the CD comes with some pretty neat bonus content once you put it in your computer.
Shake It Up Bonus Features

I would say my girls favorite track on the album is #2 This is my Dance Floor. I myself have been known to dance with them when they play this song but don’t tell anyone! LOL This is a great fun CD that is perfect for kids of all ages, sleepovers and beach days. It would also make a great end of the school year present for your girls Shake It Up: I <3 Dance! So pick it up today!!! 🙂



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