Fall Into Fashion This Season at a Macy’s Fashion Rocks Event

Everywhere Social Disclosure#FashionRocks at Macy's this Fall.

 Is your wardrobe ready for the fall season?? Do you know what this season’s hottest fashion trends are??
Yeah me neither. Which is why I am heading to Macy’s at the Citrus Park Mall next Saturday September 20th. Why am going to Macy’s?? 

Macy's Glamorama #FashionRocks


This fall at Macy’s across the country you can attend the Fashion Rocks Fashion Show. During the show you will see all the hottest Fall trends from some of the best brands at Macy’s. If you are in the Tampa area next weekend I’d love for you to join me at the Citrus Park Mall at 2pm. If you can’t make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtag #FashionRocks to see all the fun.

Check back next week to see my review and exclusive fashion looks from #FashionRocks at Macy’s.

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