GloWubble Review

GloWubbleMy kids fell in love with the original Wubble Ball right after it came out. They played with it all the time and when their friends came over to play that was their go to toy. So when I was asked to review the GloWubble I knew my kids would be super excited. After all doesn’t when you add glow in the dark properties to just about anything kids are going to go crazy for it. The GloWubble is definitely a hot holiday toy for this holiday season. 

GloWubble Review

GloWubble Ball


Just like the original Wubble Ball the GloWubble inflates to 3 feet. Inside the box you get the instructions, GloWubble, measuring tape and the air pump. To inflate you insert the air pump with the attachment into the GloWubble and using the measuring tape inflate the ball. Once you get to 3 feet you are ready for fun. You do have to be careful to not over inflate.

The glow in the dark feature is perfect for playing outside in the warm Florida evenings or indoors at a lock in or basement playroom. In my opinion this would not only be a great gift this holiday season for your kids but a great donation gift to a school, church, or organization that works with kids. I only have 1 warning for this toy. Do not sit on it. My daughter sat on the 1st one we had and it popped. It could have been due to over inflation so I just don’t recommend sitting on it at all since I am not sure why it happened.

You can purchase the WubbleX at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon & the Wubble Ball website for $19.99 (plus shipping if you order online).

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