Kid Reviews: Tomodachi Life for Nintendo DS Available Now At Best Buy

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Making It All Work Kid Reviews Tomodachi Life Nintendo #BestBuy

One of the hottest games out right now is Tomodachi Life at Best Buy. I have never heard of it before to be honest but when I mentioned the game to my girls they were all frantic with excitement. They both said that they have watched many Youtube videos of the game and have been wanting to play it. So when the opportunity came for me to review the Tomodachi Life game for the blog I instantly became the BEST.MOM.EVER! 🙂 For this review you will hear from the girls themselves and their experience with the game. You will also hear my thoughts and some money-saving tips! 🙂 Are you ready??

Tomodachi Life for Nintendo DS Available at Best Buy

Tomodachi Life at Best Buy

So let me first give you a little info about the game. Tomodachi Life was released in June of this year. It is a virtual world game similar to others on the market but designed for a less mature audience. In this game you can add your family and friends. Not only can your create Mii’s that look like you and your friends and family, but you can also give them their own voice and personalities. I think for the girls creating the Mii’s was the funniest part. You really can customize everything about the Mii’s.

Tomodachi Life Mii CreationAbove is the my Mii. The top is the first one the girls created. I decided that my Mii needed a little bit of help. LOL Below is the Mii that looks much more like I do in real life. 🙂 One of the things I think it funny about the girls playing the game is that they take turns and when they do they change each other’s characters. They think it is funny and thankfully don’t get all bent out of shape about it.

Kid Reviews Tomodachi Life Mii Family

Some you may be wondering what do the characters do in the game. Well they can get married and have kids for one. Players can start a family in Tomodachi Life and experience their child growing up, walking for the first time, and maybe move off the island?!?!?! All this without the mature aspect of it. Just the other day Emma came running into the kitchen yelling “Mom one of my Mii’s had a baby!” You can imagine I was kinda thrown back and asked to see. All you saw was the Mii holding a baby. It was really cute. One of the other fun aspects of the game is feeding your Mii’s. Just like we all have foods we love and hate so do the Mii’s. You learn this when you feed them and watch their reaction. It is pretty funny when they don’t like something.

All in all I have to give Tomodachi Life 2 thumbs up. It is a fun game and perfect for kids who want to play a virtual world game. My girls are playing the game on a Nintendo 2DS. I love this system because it doesn’t have hinges that can be broken. It’s compact and easily fits into pockets or purses. If you have been looking to purchase a Nintendo 2DS then you don’t want to miss this deal at Best Buy this weekend available ONLY Online.  8/29/2014 – 9/1/2014 (4 Day Labor Day) – Online only Nintendo 2DS system – Save $30 (regularly $129.99) with savings only $99.99! At this price I would buy it now and save it for the holidays.

Now that you have heard my take on Tomodachi Life, here is what my girls have to say about the game!

There ya have it. Kid Tested and Mom Approved!

Do your kids have Tomodachi Life? If so what do they think about the game?


  1. Awesome review & video!! I think Emma and Abbie have a future in Vlogging! 😉 This looks like a really fun game!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this. Looks like you may have bloggers in the making 🙂

  3. LOVE IT! This is a great game and it looks like your girls really enjoyed it!

  4. OMGoodness that look like so much fun. Gaby isn’t really into too many video games, but I think she’d like this just by virtue of how creative you can get with your characters! Looks like fun.

  5. It looks like a very cute game. I’m sad to admit that I’m sort of out of the loop when it comes to video games. I had to ask my daughter if she had heard of it. She seemed pretty interested so we will have to check it out at Best Buy. It’s never too early to get the Christmas lists started!

  6. That seems like a really fun game! I love how customizable the mii’s are!

  7. This looks like such a fun game, so cool that your kids are able to customize their characters and give them voices and personal attributes! I love that the game is geared at a younger audience, perfect for my little nephew who is six and loving video games at the moment!

  8. The game sounds cute and age appropriate. And how fun that the MIi’s have personalities that can be picky eaters.

  9. This sounds really cute and something my boys would enjoy!

  10. We don’t have this game but my daughter would LOVE it. She is always playing with the Miis on the Wii.

  11. I had not heard of this game before but it looks like something my 7 year old would absolutely LOVE!

  12. My kids are a little young for this, but I have some cousins that would love this.

  13. My kids would love this game!

  14. My kids haven’t yet played Tomodachi Life. They do love creating their own Mii characters so I think this would be fun for them. Maybe something to look into for Christmas!

  15. I have never heard of this game, but it looks so interesting! My son would probably enjoy it.

  16. I keep seeing these little guys around. They look so cute I almost want to buy a Nintento DS for the kids so I can play the game.

  17. It sounds like my son is still a bit too young to enjoy this game (getting married is super boring to 5 year old boys- or at least mine) and we don’t have a DS- but my inner child wants this game!! This is exactly the kind of game I would have played as a kid and it sounds like so much fun.

  18. This sounds very cute! I bet my niece would love it!

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