WubbleX Review


By now I am sure you kids have seen and probably played with the original Wubble Ball. My kids sure have. Well the makers of the original have come out with a new version called the WubbleX. These smaller versions not only are fun to play with but they float. How cool is that?

WubbleX Review

Now after you watch the video you can see how much fun they can be. And to be honest they are just as much fun as they seem. Inside the package you get 1 WubbleX ball, a inflation tube, petroleum jelly, stickers, & instructions. You will have to purchase the helium separately. The instructions are pretty simple and inflating the WubbleX is pretty simple.

There were however a few things I must warn you about. First if you have high ceilings make sure you have a broom or something to get the WubbleX down because when you first inflate it chances are it will float up to the ceiling if you accidentally let it go. It will come down on it’s own with a little bit of time but a broom helps to get it down faster. Secondly the WubbleX and helium are sold separately in the store so make sure you have 1 can of helium for each of your WubbleX Balls. Lastly this is definitely an inside toy which since we are coming into cold temps and winter weather makes it the perfect gift for the holidays.

You can purchase the WubbleX at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon & the Wubble Ball website.

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