Rosie and Angel’s elf adventure Day 7!

Well it looks as though these elves are keen on the decorations this year. I can’t even imagine how long it took them to make that paper chain!! Silly elves!!

Introducing Rosie the elf’s sister….

Angel!! The girls choose to name her Angel. She arrived last night and is the little sister to Rosie the elf. Check out the other posts about Rosie and her adventures!

Rosie’s elf adventures Day 6 with a special guest!

Rosie showed up last night with a special guest….her little sister! Apparently her sister is too little to go to a family by herself but since she is such a good little elf Santa said she could go with Rosie. Santa was very impressed with how Emma and Abbie were so good last year. Interestingly […]

Rose’s elf adventures day 5!

Hi everyone! I hope that evryone is having a good start of the week. This morning when the girls and I woke up we found Rosie had decorated the tv with Christmas lights. She must of been in the process of placing the lights when she got tangled up in the lights. LOL

Rosie’s elf adventures day 4!

So when this morning we found Rosie eating a turkey leg left over from Thanksgiving and potatoe chips. I guess she was hungry! Silly little elf!

Adventures with Rosie Day 2!!

Our Elf, Rosie, sure loves to decorate. We woke up this morning to new decorations on the wall and ones for the girls to put up. She must know that I don’t have a lot of time for decorating right now. I love that she is helping with it!!