Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 9!

  Today the elves decided we needed some Christmas lights up. So they lit up the TV with lights. Rosie has done this before so I think she was showing Angel how it’s done. Such a good big sister Elf she is!! <3

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventure 2012, Day 8!

Today the elves brought the girls chalk. They also decided to leave them a message. They really do pay close attention because my girls love chalk for outside and for their chalk board in their room!

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 7!

Today the girls woke up to find the elves decorating a foam tree. They must be trying to tell us its time to go get our tree! LOL I love how they are working together!

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 6!

Those elves really pay attention during the day I tell ya. Just this afternoon the girls were making couch forts. Well I guess the elves wanted to get in on the action because they made their own and had a sleepover with Tinkerbell!

Rosie & Angel’s Elf Adventures 2012, Day 5!!

Rosie and Angel brought the girls their first gifts of the season. They even found and brought the CD that goes with the movie. They are so thoughtful and must know how much the girls LOVE to sing!!

Rosie & Angel Elf Adventures Day 4!

Today’s Elf Adventure included Rosie & Angel beginning to decorate the house! They both seem to love to decorate during the holiday season and are quite good at it! I think they are trying to get me to get my self in gear and dig out the Christmas decorations! What was your elf up to […]