Fellowes Laminator Review w/ Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Do you ever look in the freezer and stand there trying to decide what to make for dinner? Do you stare at the meat packages and wonder if they are still good? Great me too! LOL With a family of 7 I have to buy in bulk and when things are on sale in order […]

Are we to busy for our kids?

A recent conversation about eating dinner at home got me wondering, Do we have ourselves and our kids so over scheduled that we don’t have time for quality time with our kids? For some of us sadly I think this is true. So many of my mommy friends don’t have time to make dinner and […]

Holiday cooking/baking just got easier!!

     So I was doing my usual coupon searches for my grocery trip a week or so ago and found this coupon for the new Reynolds Wrap non-stick Pan Lining Paper. Much like the rest of my mommy friends, I do A LOT of cooking and baking during the holidays. So anything I can buy that […]

HELP! Thanksgiving is only a week away..

Lordy Be Thanksgiving is only a week a way and I am not ready!! Although I am excited I have sooooo much to do before it gets here. I have to clean my house from top to bottom, go grocery shopping for the food, clean the sheets since my parents are staying over and get […]

Thanksgiving Menu. What’s on your table?

Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal around my house. It is one of the few times a year we have REAL mashed potatoes ( yes I am a instant potatoes mom lol) and homemade mac and cheese. The fact that my 8 yr old could live off of mac and cheese everyday for the rest […]

Planning meals for the week…..need your help!! (Giveaway!!)

So since I am homeschooling I am trying my best to make my life (not to mention my hubbies who cooks dinner 4 out of 7 days a week) a little easier by planning meals. I even would like to try what I have heard others do which is making meals ahead of time. My […]