The Elves….The Elves!!!

They are here again this Holiday Season, Rosie & Angel Elf!! The girls weren’t to sure if they would know the new address but as we adults know, Santa keeps pretty good tabs on little girls and boys where a bouts. And a few weeks ago Emma had a visit with Santa and asked if they […]

Rosie and Angel’s elf adventures day 20!

Well the girls did not want to sleep last night. When I got home from work after midnight Abbie was wide awake. After I sent her to bed, about 10 minutes later, out comes Emma saying she can’t sleep. So needless to say the elves didn’t get a chance to go chat with Santa. The […]

Rosie and Angel’s elf adventures day 19!

On Sunday the girls woke up and found the elves playing Cuponk! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture to post but I might be able to leave a note for the elves to tell them to borrow my phone and take a picture for me so I can post it later! teehee

Rosie and Angel’s elf adventures day 18!

On Saturday the girls woke to find that the elves had made them look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. They looked so darn cute I just had to take a picture while they slept. LOL

Rosie and Angel’s elf adventures day 17!

Today we found the elves in the freezer eating cookie dough! They must have been missing the north pole and the cold weather. We keep it like the tropics in my house!

Rosie and Angel’s elf adventures day 16!

So this morning the girls and I woke to the elves reading a new book to Jingle. Apparently the elves had seen the girls reading last year’s book to Jingle and thought they could use a new one! How thoughtful of them.